This is an open letter to THE ENTIRE INTERNET!!!

I’m Thomas Prendergast, a staffer at the paranormal TV news show PHENOMEN-X. I know some of you are snickering right now because of that fake alien autopsy we showed a while back, but hear me out. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Last week, our web server and backups were stolen during a break-in here at our studios in Culver City. I believe this was done by a government conspiracy known by the code name DELTA GREEN. Long-time viewers of our show may remember pieces we’ve done on this conspiracy in the past. We believe they are somehow involved with both alien and supernatural entities living right here ON OUR PLANET, but their agenda remains a mystery. With the break-in last week, however, it’s clear they’ve decided we’re getting too close to the truth.

We’re about to get a lot closer. And so are you.

Thanks to some buddies at UCLA, I’ve hacked into Delta Green’s email system and am intercepting some of their traffic. And now I’m making it available to everyone.

To get in the loop, just go to:

You’ll then begin receiving some of Delta Green’s secret email traffic. It looks like they’re starting an operation in New Orleans right now, and you can follow it from the get-go.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep the relay open. They’ll be trying to shut me down, I’m sure. But if enough of you get involved, we may be able to bring this conspiracy into the light.

BE WARNED: whatever Delta Green is up to, it’s pretty hardcore stuff. There’s a whole world of secrets and monsters and messed-up weirdness out there, and these freaks are up to their necks in it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since our server is hosed we’re getting some help from Flying Lab Software ( who are working on the Delta Green computer game. They’re just a front company for the conspiracy, throwing up a smokescreen of fiction around a truth too terrible to bear, but we’re using them as patsies to advance our truth-seeking agenda anyway. And if you see anything from John Tynes or Scott Glancy or Dennis Detwiller of Pagan Publishing ( who do the Delta Green role-playing game books, you should know we believe they’ve been infested with a mind-controlling parasite that’s been pulling their strings for years.


Thomas Prendergast
Assistant Production Specialist and Webmaster

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