The R’lyeh Report – April 2002

Howdy Folks!

It sure has been a Looooooong time since the last R’lyeh report went out. I hope February and March treated you well. We Chaosium
folk have been running as fast as we can to keep new book projects moving along, and chasing some old projects as well. A Trade
show in mid March took half the company out of the office for a week, and we’re still catching up from that. Add to the mix a new
influx of Call of Cthulhu fans with all sorts of questions to answer, new retailers asking about our books, and a couple of
distributors who are suddenly interested in our company again, and you can see why it’s been so long since our last report. If it
weren’t for the Unexpected Arrival of Chaosium dude #4.5 – Ben Monroe, we’d be hopelessly behind. As it stands, we’re simply
hopefully behind. Now that we have 4.5 Chaosium dudes, we’ll be quite dangerous once we get some cash flowing back into the
company. ūüôā

Here’s what’s new at Chaosium:

Since our last report in January, we shipped a new fiction book: The Book of Eibon (
CHA 6026, $17.95, ISBN 1-56882-129-8 This book is a great resource for Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s and players, and is selling quite

Also in March, TSR/WOTC shipped their d20 Call of Cthulhu rulebook, published under license form Chaosium. (
#886440000 $39.95, ISBN 0-7869-2639-2 This book is gorgeous, and shows just what you can do when your company has deep pockets.
This d20 book is introducing a new generation of cultists to Call of Cthulhu. He hope you’ll welcome them into the tribe.

Our d20  plans & the fate of BRP

While we’ve tried to make it clear in the past that Chaosium is not abandoning our classic Call of Cthulhu line, we’re still
getting email from upset cultists who think we’re switching entirely to d20. So it bears repeating: Chaosium will continue to
support our Basic Role Playing Call of Cthulhu & Stormbringer lines. While some of our future releases will be dual stat
releases (including BRP & d20 material), we will continue to print BRP only releases as well. We’ve been publishing BRP system
books for over 20 years, and with your support, will do so for the next 20 years as well.

So why are we printing ANYTHING using the d20 system?¬† Because there are thousands of gamers out there we’d like to introduce
to our game lines, who might not look at our books otherwise. We want and need those extra sales, and those new Chaosium gamers,
so we can continue printing Books and Games for another 26 years. So we hope most of you will see this as an opportunity to find
more Chaosium players, and ensure we can keep printing the books you want.

Arkham Horror News

In December we announced that we’d be printing a new edition of Arkham Horror this year. Our Lovecraftian board game of monster
hunting has been out of print for nearly 15 years, but will soon return. Charlie Krank is spear heading the project, and it’s
coming along well. From the looks of things, Arkham Horror will be a late Summer or Early Fall release. For more information see

Summer Cons

We still need volunteer GM’s to run events for us at Origins & Gen Con. If you’re planning to attend these shows, and have
some time to spare, drop us a line! mailto:[email protected]

At the printer:

The Creature Companion #2375 $21.95 ISBN 1-56882-133-6

Our Manual of Mythos Monsters is expected to release in May

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands (Hardcover)

#2394, $34.95  ISBN 1-56882-157-3

We’ll be releasing a hardcover edition of our Dreamlands Sourcebook in May.

Here’s our upcoming releases: Go let your local shop know you want these books!

Support your local shop – it’s where new gamers come from.

For Call of Cthulhu Fiction:

Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (reprint)

#6022 $16.95  ISBN 1-56882-119-0

Our reprints have been delayed in favor of newer books. Expected SUMMER



Disciples of Cthulhu II

#6033 $13.95 ISBN 1-56882-143-3

 February Release.

This Book is nearly completed, and should be sent to the printer soon.


The Necronomicon 2nd edition

#6034 $19.95 ISBN 1-56882-162-X

Summer Release

Other Nations

A Cthulhu Mytjhos Novel

#6025 $13.95 ISBN 1-56882-128-X

Summer Release

The White People & Other Tales

The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen Vol. 2

#6035 $14.95 ISBN 1-56882-147-6

Summer Release

For Call of Cthulhu

Miskatonic University¬Ā

a 1920’s Sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu (BRP)

by Sam Johnson and Friends

A Manuscript is now in house, and we hope to release this book in August.

#2389 $39.95 ISBN 1-56882-140-9

Pulp Cthulhu: Reckless adventures in the 1930’s¬†¬† ( dual stat d20 & BRP)

A new setting for Call of Cthulhu & Call of Cthulhu D20.

8800 $29.95  256 pages ISBN 1-56882-159-X   Expected July

d20 Cthulhu GM Screen

#8801 $19.95 ISBN 1-56882-159-X

May release

Secrets of Japan

Modern Day Exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun

#2392 $27.95 ISBN 1-56882-156-5

A manuscript is in house, and we hope to release the book this Fall.

For Stormbringer & Dragonlords of Melnibone

Cults of Law & Chaos

A New Dragon Lords of Melniboné D20  sourcebook.

This book is currently being written by Gareth Michael Skarka. Expected this Summer.

2020 $23.95 192 pages ISBN 1-56882-158-1

River of Tears

A Stormbringer Adventure

We have yet to receive a manuscript for this book. Release date unknown.

Delayed Titles

The San Francisco Guidebook

#2378 $16.95  ISBN 1-56882-136-0

Delayed due to hard drive crash. No word on when it will be re-created. We’re removing this book from the schedule. Once we have a
completed manuscript in house, we’ll work it back into the publishing cycle.

Straits of Chaos

A new Dragon Lords of Melnibone d20 adventure.

2019 $8.95 32 pages ISBN 1-56882-155-7

This book has been removed from our schedule.

We have plenty of other books in the works, but  we expect to print the books above in the next four months.

Thank you for your support everyone!

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