The Bruce Report: Resurrected V

A short Bruce Report this week folks.  I don’t know if the holiday made the news trickle out slow or what.  Not much quality news.  On top of that, my wife was in and out of the hospital all weekend, so I was not exactly inspired to do much digging for the news.  Hopefully, next week, everything will be back on track.

This week we have: Spielberg’s conspiracy; Britain’s UFO Files; Nature’s Artwork; More on the Gorman Ranch; European skull could re-write American history; and Aryan UFOs under Antartica.

Getting Taken
Steven Spielberg’s epic 10 part miniseries of the UFO phenomena “Taken” began Monday evening.  Expect Sci-Fi to drive it into the ground more than the already have.  The maxi-series covers UFOs, aliens, and conspiracies — but is the real conspiracy in Hollywood, and exactly how much of what so many people perceive as the truth about UFOs was actually created in Hollywood?

Britain to Release UFO “X-Files”
Beginning this week, the United Kingdom is opening it’s files on UFOs, releasing them over the internet.  Included in these files are documents relating to the 1980 Rendelsham incident, perhaps one of the most controversial and infamous UFO encounters since Roswell or Betty and Barney Hill.

60 Acre Web Baffles Biologists
Certainly, an amazing work of nature.  In British Columbia, millions of tiny spiders worked together to weave a web over 60 acres large.  This is a rare phenomena, but not unheard of.  A previous event of this nature is said to have occurred in Louisiana in the 90s.  In the latest event, as with the Louisiana event, strange weather is to blame for the spiders’ behavior

Path of the Skinwalker Part 2
A continuation of last weeks phenomenal article detailing the strange events at a Utah ranch.  This week, more of the bizarre and frightening phenomena at the Gorman ranch are covered.

Does Skull Prove Europeans Were First to America?
A skull of a 26 year old female has been found in the suburb of Mexico City, and is believed to be 2,000 years older than the oldest known fossil remains of a human in the New World.  The skull was discovered in 1959, and it wasn’t until recently that scientists determined it’s true age.  Furthermore, in a discovery that is sure to be controversial, and re-write the history
of the continent if it is true, the skull is believed to belong to a Caucasian.  Now, scientists are wondering if a Caucasian people crossed the Bering Straight before American Indians, or more controversial, if a stone age people crossed from Europe to the East Coast of America.

Antarctica’s Ancient Civilization
I love the Russian newspaper Pravda.  They have the absolutely wackiest stories you will ever see in print.  I do honestly think they will print anything, but like America’s Weekly World News.  This week, Pravda comes to us with the story of ancient civilizations in Antarctica, Nazis, UFOs, and a South Pole city boasting 2 million residents.

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