The Bruce Report: Resurrected IV

Links to articles and websites that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone interested in the strange and paranormal.

This week we have: Aztec’s dark gods; Tesla’s flying saucers; Strange object found off Indian coast; Pilot dies after being
connected to NASA theft; Atlantis on Malta; Strange Place On Earth; Snake Eats Boy; and Ball-Lightening Weapons. 

Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect the view of the editor.

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Editor’s Note:  Yes, the Bruce Report is a bit late this week, and I apologize.  My anniversary Sunday, and suffering a
bit of an accident yesterday delayed it until today.

Run For Your Life,11710,842916,00.html

I don’t understand the title of this article, but I digress.  An article about the Royal Academy gathering the largest
exhibition of Aztec artwork, sculpture, etc ever.  The last part of the article covers some of the Aztec’s darker gods,
beliefs, and practices.

Mysterious Object Found At Sea

Authorities retrieved a strange object off the coast of India. Some believe it may be part of a rocket, or a
“floater” used in marine research.  No one has claimed the object yet, but a near by nuclear facility claims it
does not belong to them.

Nikola Tesla’s Flying Machines

The writer of this brief article claims that Tesla, the father of AC power, invented flying saucers, and is the source of all
UFO reports.

Pilot Who Fell to Death Linked To NASA Theft

Is Russell Filler dead?  An amateur pilot, who worked for a NASA contracter, apparently fell to his death, falling out of
the door of a plane he was training in.  At the time of the article, no body had been found.  Filler behavior right
before his fall can be called suspicious.  Filler was under investigation for purchasing a NASA laptop computer, which
supposedly contains “non-sensitive” information.

Atlantis On Malta?

Film crews come from around the world to film underwater archeaological finds off the coast of Malta, which according to some is a
remnant of lost Atlantis

Path of the Skin Walker

Werewolves, skin walkers, Sasquatch, UFOs, cattle mutiliations, horrid nightmares, and incinerated dogs are just a sampling of
the phenomena happening at a Utah ranch called by some “the strangest place on Earth”.  Once owned by a harried
family trying to make a living on the ranch, it is now owned by the National Institute of Discovery Science, a group dedicated to
the scientific investigation into paranormal claims.  The original owners still run the farm for NIDS, which has turned the
ranch into a living labratory.  I highly recommend reading this article.

Boys Claim Snake Eats Friend

Police do not believe the report, but a snake expert does, adding it is highly unusual.

Unfriendly Fire

Fortean Times investigates ball-lightening being used for military applications.

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