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This week we
have:  Aztlan In Utah; Horse Attack Update; Cats Mutilated In CO; Rogue Waves Threat to Ships; Man Lives With Mother’s Dead
Body; Voodoo Queen’s Faithful; Grave-Robbing Witch Doctors; White House’s Search for Noah’s Ark; Old Woman Mistaken for Vampire;
James’ Coffin Created By Aliens; Goth Neo-Nazis.

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Mythic Aztlan in Utah?

For over 500 years, scholars, chicano activists, and the Aztecs have been searching for Aztlan, the mythical homeland of the
Aztecs.  Some felt it was like Atlantis, a mythical location, others have said it is California, Colorado, parts of Mexico,
or even Alaska.  Chicano activists have used the Aztlan myth as an excuse to start separatist movements in the Southwest US. 
Now, based on several burial mounds and petroglyphs found on an island in Great Salt Lake, as well as a map from the 1800s has
lead several researchers to conclude that Aztlan was in Utah.

Update: Attacks On Horses Linked To Satanists,6903,837057,00.html

As reported last week in BRR, British police are investigating a series of mutilation attacks on horses in Scotland and
England.  It is being reported that investigators have found small stone cairns near the attacks, featuring burnt horse hair
and other “black magic symbols”.

Animal Mutilations Rattle Owners,1413,36%257E11%257E983609%257E,00.html

Since July 19, over one dozen animals, including 10 cats, have been found mutilated outside of Denver.  Each mutilation
is clean, with surgical precision, with several organs removed, and little blood found at the scene.  Police believe
teenagers are responsible, and worry that how long it will be before the attacks move to human victims.

Danger On the Seas As Walls of Water Sink Tankers,6903,837147,00.html

“For years scientists and marine experts have dismissed such stories as superstition. Walls of water do not rise out of
the blue, they said. But now research has revealed that ‘killer waves’ do exist and regularly devastate ships around the world.
They defy all scientific understanding and no craft is capable of withstanding their impact.”

Man Kills Mother, Lives With Body For Weeks

The title of the article says it all folks.  “BERLIN (Reuters) – A German man killed his mother and then lived with
her for six weeks in their apartment, police said on Friday.”It was a clean tidy apartment, but it was very smelly and there
were flies everywhere,” said police spokesman Konrad Kordts. “The body was in an advanced state of decomposition.”

Voodoo Queen Lives On

120 years after her death, Marie Laveau, legendary voodoo queen of New Orleans, has the second most visited grave in the
United States (second only to Elvis).  Visitors flock to her grave every year to ask her to grant them wishes — from great
sex, to helping find Usama bin Laden.

Witch Doctors Rob Graves Of British Soldiers

War memorials and graves to British soldiers have been desecrated in South Africa, by local natives looking for bones for
witch-doctors to make “muti” or medicine.  Some graves are desecrated, people looking for gold, which they believe
was buried with the dead.

Noah’s Ark An Interest of White House in Early 90s

Although much more remains classified, the CIA has released documents relating to it’s search for Noah’s Ark in the early 90s
for the first Bush White House.  Something was found, but experts disagree what the object in the satellite images is. 
Makes one wonder why documents about Noah’s Ark would be classified.

Teenager: I Stabbed An Aswang!

Either drunk, or under the influence of drugs, a young man in the Philippines was shocked to discover an aswang (a form of a
vampire) he stabbed was actually an old woman, who later died of her injuries.  The young man told police he thought the old
woman was a dog, a shape aswangs take to attack people.

Claim: Coffin of Christ’s Brother Created By Aliens

Trust Pravda to bring us the strange news.  By now everyone has heard of the coffin found in Israel that many believe
belonged to Christ’s brother.  Now, Russian researchers claim that a rock of unearthly origin was found in the coffin,
leading them to believe the vessel was created by aliens.

Flirting With Hitler,11981,841363,00.html

German authorities worry that Goth movements in Germany may be flirting with Neo-Nazism after the conviction of the Radu
vampire murders earlier this year.  The article also details connections between Adolf Hitler and the Occult.

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