Stygian Hound, Relentless Trackers of the Night

These creatures are summoned into our reality from another dimension through spells created by the sorcerers of the Fallen Kingdom of Stygia. Typically, a single such creature is summoned, but powerful sorcerers can summon multiple (1D6+1) Stygian Hounds. These creatures relish the opportunity to hunt in our world and happily obey their summoner. However, regardless of the caster’s ability a Stygian Hound can only remain in our dimension for a single night. Once the sun rises these creatures vanish in a shimmer of starlight, regardless if they are exposed to sunlight or not. 

Stygian Hounds appear as large, stocky hounds, with long spiked tails, a row of spines down their back, and hooked nails on all four paws. They have eight small tentacles on their shoulders, allowing them to carry and manipulate objects. Their heads are large, reinforced with an outer layer of bone, giving them the appearing of wearing a grim, macabre mask. Stygian hounds have six black eyes, two larger and four smaller ones, as well as power jaws with elongated canines. 

Stygian Hounds attack with powerful bites, which can lock onto victims (requires a Hard success on an attack roll). Should this happen the creature automatically cause 1D4 points of damage per round. This continues until the victim frees themselves, with a successful opposed STR roll, or the Stygian Hound is slain. Their flesh is not of our reality, and is especially resistant to matter from our dimension. This grants them 2 points of protection from harm, but enchanted weapons are unaffected by this. 

Stygian Hounds are intelligent. They have a complex language conveyed by a clicks, snaps, and rattles from their spiked tails. The sorcerer summoning Stygian Hounds can understand their language, allowing the creatures to communicate with their summoner. These creatures are excellent and relentless trackers. They climb and swim well, employing their sharp claws and strong tails respectively, and thus can cross any terrain in pursuit of their targets.

Stygian Hound, Relentless Trackers of the Night

Char.  Averages rolls

STR   90 (4D6+4) x 5

CON   80 (4D6+2) x 5

SIZ   75 (2D6+8) x 5

DEX    95 (2D6+12) x 5

INT  45 (2D6+2) x 5

POW   75 (2D6+8) x 5

HP  16

Av. Damage Bonus: 1D6

Average Build: 2

Average Magic Points: 15

Move 14 running / 8 climbing / 6 swimming


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite)

Fighting Attacks: Bite

Fighting, 60% (30 / 12), 1D4+db

Dodge 45% (23 / 9)  

Armor: 2 points of non-terrestrial hide (unless from enchanted weapon).

Skills:  Climb 65%, Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 55%, Stealth 45%, Swim 55%, Track 80%.

Spells: none.

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter a Stygian Hound.

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