Killer Shrews, Shaggy savage relentless killers

Some say these creatures are products of unspeakable scientific experiments, or mutants resulting from nuclear tests or toxic spills. Still others say they’re an ancient, natural species driven up from the deep earth by fracking (a type of mining using explosives to create cracks in the earth). Whatever their origins when Killer Shrews appear death soon follows.

A killer shrew looks like a filthy, shaggy mid-sized dog, with a long rat like tail. Their skulls are long and appear skull like, with powerful jaws, sharp serrated teeth, and fleshy star like noses. They burrow fast, run faster, and can gnaw their way through most materials in minutes. They emit a disturbing series of chittering, guttural calls when they are excited, which is usually when prey is near. A pack of Killer Shrews number between eight to twenty individuals (4D4+4).

Killer Shrews are fearless and aggressive, attacking anything in their path with vicious bites from their filthy, slobbering jaws. Those surviving the creatures bites often still die from the infection that typically sets in (keepers – treat as a mild poison, causing 1D10 points over the 30 minutes after the bites). Their shaggy hides cover thick leathery skin, making them resistant to damage. Like all shrews, their closest evolutionary relative, they are always hungry.

Author is aware this monster is from The Killer Shrews (1959). You don’t need to email me.

Killer Shrews, Shaggy savage relentless killers.

Char.  Averages rolls

STR   55 (2D6+4) x 5

CON   70 4D6 x 5

SIZ   60 (2D6+5) x 5

DEX    65 (2D6+6) x 5

INT  40 (2D6+1) x 5

POW   50 (2D6+3) x 5

HP  13

Av. Damage Bonus: none

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 10

Move 9 / 5 burrowing


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite)

Fighting Attacks: Bite

Fighting, 50% (25 / 10), 1D6+db

Dodge 35% (18 / 7)  

Armor: 2 points shaggy fur and thick hide

Skills: Listen 40%, Spot Hidden 40%, Stealth 40%, Track (by scent) 60%.

Spells: none

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter a Killer Shrew 

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