Survivors Guilt Manifested

Informal patient notes by Dr Chase

Patient G – day 8 of observations. 

The patient continues to exhibit a significant disconnection with reality, hallucinations both auditory and visual appear to be constant. Usual methods of treatment are ineffective, patient is convinced her 4 deceased “friends” are still alive and has total amnesia of the road traffic incident. Nurse Murray has been able to create some rapport with the patient, a mutual shared interest of obscure pop music is the basis for this. Nurse Murray to act as main point of contact for intervention treatment, showing before and after photos of patient G with the accident being the focal point. 

Additional note

Patient G’s incessant humming, originally this was thought to be the tune playing during the traumatic incident. Nurse Murray has researched this using online sources and the tune does not exist, I have sent a copy of the melody to a nearby music college, to see if this could be some unknown tune taught in music academia. The friends were all studying music at a local college, is this some form of vocal warm-up the group created together?


Patient G update – day 14

Patient G continues to resist traditional methods of treatment and is beginning to influence other patients in the ward. Exposure treatment is also ineffective, Nurse Murray took Patient G to site of accident and patient G begun to visibly talk to deceased friends. She now constantly speaks and interacts with deceased friends, even practicing group dances and vocal warmups, medication continues to be ineffective. Nurse Murray has been an exemplary in her work, however I fear she is getting too close. 

Additional note; patient G’s hum has now progressed to a full melody, oddly nurse Murray has been observed tapping or humming the tune in hand over briefing and when completing paperwork. When pointed out she is unaware of this occurring. 


Patient G update – day 18

Patient G is no longer the only one seeing the “friends”, nurse Murray has been admitted to another facility after she was observed on CCTV dancing with patient G’s friends. Patient G requested a video camera to film her friend’s debut performance, request denied, and patient G has been placed in isolation. I have extensively researched archives of similar issues and have been unsuccessful. As unorthodox as this sounds, I am beginning to work under the theory that Patient G’s disassociation has somehow become infectious. 

Additional note, whilst I wrote this entry, I believe I was humming, I have taken to recording myself and sadly can confirm I am now possibly infected. It could be some form of group delirium; I may have to contact the hospital administration to trigger fully lockdown the facility until the actual issue has been discovered and treated. 


Patient G – 

I see them now

I hear them now 

I was so foolish to doubt them

I must let the world know they are still here…


Survivor’s Guilt Manifested requires extremely strict conditions to manifest. 

1 – A fatal group incident with a lone survivor.

2 – The survivor has a strong emotional connection to the deceased group.

3 – The lone survivor has emergent and uncontrolled parapsychological ability


When these 3 key elements are combined the host will rebuild reality to avoid the pain of loss and guilt for surviving when those they loved more than life itself did not. During this time, they look for familiar surroundings, activities, and conversations they had with the deceased friend group.


Once the host has rebuilt a reality to escape the loss, they will reinforce this with visual and auditory projections. This will be for a few seconds at first, and will eventually develop into a constant state, having subconsciously rewired their own brain using psychic force. Once the brain has been rewired only invasive brain surgery or radical psychological treatment can prevent the host from becoming contagious. 


The host is now beyond the reach of traditional mundane intervention, destroying all infected, all-in contact and any who may have been infected/in contact with patient G.

Any who attempt to help or intervein or even interact with the host will risk a parapsychological invasion, a rewriting of the visual and auditory cortexes and frontal lobe, autopsies have shown infected brains have scarring consistent with a rudimentary brain surgery. When the host attempts to enforce their reality onto others they subconsciously perform a psychic lobotomy on the victim, ensuring they will continue to reinforce the host’s delusions. 


The host’s manifestation infection has now taken on a life of its own. Taking advantage of the guilt, the remorse, and fears of those it encounters the infection it is now a significant threat to any who encounter any infected in person. 

Patient G 

Originally an affable and outgoing young lady, now her happy nature is almost performative, she will desire to let others know of her “friends” existence and begins to manifest an aura of influence. Her behaviour and mannerisms will be dictated by her current infection level.

Incubation – Patient G will appear withdrawn and disassociated with those around her. She will rarely eat, make eye contact, and show signs of severe depression.

Prodromal – Patient G will appear to be happy, open and talkative. They will not recall the traumatic event and will happily point out to others the auditory and visual hallucinations; their subconscious has conjured up to escape the emotional pain the loss has incurred. 

Infectious – Patient G will seek out any who have not been infected in the immediate area. Once all have been infected, they will then seek to find more to infect. 

Cascade – Patient G, now using the additional brain power of their victims will seek larger populations to infect. Any infected will also act as new infection vectors like Patient G. 

How the manifestation is spread. 

In one-to-one conversation, she will subconsciously attempt to influence those around her, initially projecting the same audio and visual hallucinations, a Successful Pow Roll will resist the hallucinations. This must be rolled for every 24 hours until the victim is infected or Patient G’s is cured, or her brain is destroyed.

Once she reaches the infectious stage this aura will become more invasive and intrusive. By rewiring neuropathways, the victims will permanently see and hear Patient G’s “friends”. A Successful Pow Roll is needed to resist, if the victim is already experiencing hallucinations add a penalty die to the roll. This check is to be taken every 24 hours.  This check will cost Patient G 1 magic point per player roll. It is free for npc rolls.

Once Cascade is reached, this aura of projection will be transmitted from victims as well as patient zero. Currently the only known remedy for such an occurrence is either invasion brain surgery along with lifetime sedation and isolation of Patient G prior to the Cascade stage or total destruction of Patient G’s brain along with any who are influenced by her. Once Cascade is reached, every infected brain must be destroyed, no treatment can be given to cure Patient G. Any contact with an infected victim requires a Successful Pow Roll with a penalty die to resist. This check is performed every 24 hours. 

Patient G only needs to be heard or share a sight line of her friends to affect others, a successful influencing of others will fully recover her POW and 1 Magic point, the reinforcing of the “friends” still be alive and well allows her to drain pow from those she has affected. When talking or interacting with others 

When a brain is rewired, she gains 1/5 of the victims POW, as her manifestation requires additional resources, she will override and use the victim’s brain as a reservoir to power the delusions. 

Patient G

STR – 45 

CON – 60

SIZ – 55

DEX – 55

INT – 70

POW – 110

APP – 80

Build – 0

Damage Bonus – 0

Hit points – 11

Magic Points – 11

Experiencing Hallucinations – d4/d8 San Loss

Brain rewiring – d10/d20 San Loss

Weapons – none

Craft – Singing and Dancing 45%, Brawl 25%, Charm 30%, Dodge 40%, Fast Talk 30%, Listen 45%, Persuade 30%, Spot Hidden 35%. 


Patient G will avoid combat at all costs, if she has not used her ability to influence hostile players or npcs it will automatically occur. Should she be killed in combat all present/involved must make a Successful Pow Roll to avoid being infected with the death throes of the manifestation infection. Who ever dealt the killing blow incurs a penalty die.

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