Caryatid / Enchanted Guardian Statue 

These items begin as normal Caryatids, namely a female figured carved from, or serving in place of, a structural support column. They are often found at holy sites, such as temples, or in important civic buildings, such as a forum or governmental offices. They vary wildly in size, and are sometimes depicted as holding something, such as a weapon, a jug of water, a bundle of wheat, or a bunch of scrolls. Enchanted Caryatid are often found in pairs, stand between five and eight feet tall, and are always carved holding an object. 

These figure are created to be vigilant guardian standing watch over a threshold. They are programmed with a set of actions to take at the time of their creation which can never be altered. They do not communicate and are incapable of vocalization. Some are programmed not to permit passage to anyone displaying a certain token or object or speaking a particular word or phrase. Such figures can stay dormant for centuries until triggered by their activation conditions. For example, one ordered to “Kill anyone crossing this threshold between dawn and dusk” might wait for centuries before these conditions occur, especially if they are located in a lost ruins of one of the Forgotten Kingdoms many miles from civilization. 

Once activated they attack once per round until they are destroyed, their opponent is dispatched, or there are no other targets within their limited reach. They attack using the item they were carved carrying. For example, a Caryatid of Diana (Goddess of the Hunt) might be wielding a hunting spear, while one of the muse Clio (muse of history) is likely armed with a long stone scroll. As they are carved into stone pillars Enchanted Caryatid’s are unable to pursue opponents. 

This is seldom an issue as typically a single blow is more than enough to dispatch an opponent due to their great strength. This is even less of an issue when they are found is pairs. 

Destroying one is a considerable challenge, as they are quite durable. Enchanted Caryatid are immune to bladed weapons (slashing or piercing), and take half damage from bludgeoning weapons, such as hammers, clubs, and sling stones. Enchanted bladed weapons do half damage and enchanted blunt weapon inflict full damage to these creatures. 

Caryatid / Enchanted Guardian Statue

Char. Averages rolls

STR   135 (6D6+6) x 5

CON   130 (4D6+12) x 5

SIZ   110 – 115 (3D12) x 5

DEX    65 (2D6+6) x 5

INT     35 (2D6+5) x 5

POW   65 (2D6+6) x 5

Average Hit Points: 25

Average Damage Bonus: +2D6

Average Build: 3

Average Magic Points: 13

Move: 0


Attacks per round: 1 (punch or strike with carved object)

Fighting 70% (38/19), damage 1D8 + DB

Dodge 0% (00/0)

Skills:  Listen 65%, Spot Hidden 65% 

Armor: None, immune to slashing & piercing weapons, takes half damage from blunt weapons.

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 Sanity points to encounter an Enchanted Caryatid

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