The Blessed Seers

It was weird, hell it was terrifying. Three eyes, I shit you not, and they glowed red! How the hell does that happen?

He told me to do stuff and I did it. I threw coffee on people, sang loudly, just random crap–and he kept apologizing. It was like he was grabbing me tightly, but in my mind. Lost my damn job.—Paul Erickson, former employee at Mug o’ Joe.

Tainted by Nyarlathotep, The Blessed Seers are people who have been “provided with” a third eye–over their pineal gland. They can see normally with their eyes closed, though all three glow red when open and this gives them powers as described below.

As long as the Seer retains any Sanity, they may attempt to resist attacking people with a contested roll of their remaining Sanity vs. their own POW of 80. When their Sanity reaches 0, they become willing pawns of the Thousand-Faced God.


Dominating Gaze: This functions as the Dominate spell. If the Blessed Seer wins a contested POW roll, the target will spend their next turn obeying one command–though they will not violate their basic nature, e.g. homicide, suicide, etc.

Shrivelling Sight: This functions as the Shrivelling spell. The Blessed Seer must spend a variable number of Magic Points, lose half that amount in Sanity if they have any remaining, and engage in a contested POW roll. On a success, the target takes 1 Hit Point damage per Magic Point spent, as their skin withers and blackens.

Spells: At Keeper’s discretion.

Blessed Seers, reluctant servants of Nyarlathotep

STR: 60 (30/12)

CON: 80 (40/16)

SIZ: 50 (25/10)

DEX: 60 (30/12)

INT: 60 (30/12)

POW: 80 (40/16)

HP: 13

Damage Bonus: None

Build: 0

Magic Points: 16

Move: 9


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting attacks: .

Fighting (Brawl): 25%, damage 1D3

Melee Weapon: Base %, damage as per weapon

Dodge: 30%

Armor: None

Skills: Same as before their transformation

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 with eyes open, an additional 1 point if Dominated, and an additional 1D6 if subjected to Shrivelling. Total Sanity loss cannot exceed 6 points.

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