En-Naddaha/ Dread Siren of the Nile

Across the world bodies of water are often the lairs of malevolent creatures. A common type takes the form of a beautiful women who possesses the power to enchant their victims and draw them to a watery death. The mighty Nile river is no exception. In rural areas the river’s banks and canals are the hunting ground of the alluring and deadly En-Naddaha.  

A En-Naddaha appears as a beautiful woman with long dark hair, wearing a semi-transparent lose fitting garment, standing knee to waist deep in the water. It lurks and listens near the water’s edge, sometimes for many days or even weeks, before obtaining what it seeks – a man’s name. Once an En-Naddaha learns a man’s name it gains power over him, often marking his doom.

Once learning a man’s name, the En-Naddaha waits for an ideal time to attack. It prefers to hunt during twilight, full night, or pre-dawn, but never when its target is in a large group. Strangely it seldom attacks when he is alone, and often waits for its target to be in the company of another man before attacking. This way the En-Naddaha has a chance to learn the companion’s name as they try, often in vain, to save their targeted companion. If is learns the companion’s name, they become the target of the creature’s next hunt. 

An En-Naddaha attacks revealing itself and whispering the name of its target when they’re near the water’s edge. This triggers a sanity check for seeing the En-Naddaha and a powerful enchantment forcing the victim to make a POW vs POW check against the En-Naddaha. Those failing fall completely under the creature’s power and follow it into deeper water where they drown (see page 124 of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook, CON check or 1D6 points of damage per round). Some En-Naddaha (35%) know 1D3 spells (Keeper’s Choice), typically from the Folk, Influencing Others, or any involving water (ex – Combat / Breath of the Deep or Enchantments / Alter Weather, Mists of R’lyeh)

It the victim matches the POW check they are stunned, unable to flee but feeling a nearly overwhelming impulse to go to the En-Naddaha while knowing it means their death. On the next round the creature whispers their name again, louder this time, causing a second POW vs POW check, only this time with a penalty dice. If the target resist this check they have resisted the creature’s enchantment and may act freely. If they flee the creature allows them to do so, laughing as they rush away.  If the target attacks the En-Naddaha quickly swims into deep water, easily escaping.

Those attempting to attack a En-Naddaha, such as the companion of someone under the creature’s enchantment, must act quickly. These creatures try to lure their opponents into deep water before attempting to grab a victim and dive as deep as possible. If the maneuver is successful, the target must immediately roll to resist drowning. The En-Naddaha releases its hold when one of several things happen: 1) The victim breaks free [requires a STR vr STR contest success].  2) The victim begins drowning. 3) The person the victim is trying to save drowns. 4) The En-Naddaha suffers 50% damage or is killed. Slain En-Naddaha melts into a mound of black mud that quickly washes away.

En-Naddaha take full damage from magical weapon and minimal damage from non-magical weapons. For example – an enchanted large knife [1d4+1] wielded by someone with a 1D4 damage bonus, only inflicts 3 points of damage [2 for the knife + 1 for the damage bonus]). 

En-Naddaha/ Dread Siren of the Nile

Char.  Averages rolls

STR   55 (2D6+4) x 5

CON   90   5D6 x 5

SIZ   55 (2D6+4) x 5

DEX    80 (4D6+2) x 5

INT  65 (2D6+6) x 5

POW   60 (2D6+5) x 5

HP  15

Av. Damage Bonus: none

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 12

Move 9 / 14 swimming


Attacks per round: 1 (grapple)

Fighting Attacks: Grapple and swim for deep water

Drowning Grapple (mnvr), 65% (32 / 13), 1D4+db

Dodge 45 (22 / 9)  

Armor: none, minimal damage from non-magical weapons.

Skills:  Charm 75%, Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 45%, Stealth 45%, Swim 90%.

Spells: 35% chance to know 1D3 spells (Keeper’s Choice).

Sanity Loss: 0/1D4 to encounter an En-Naddaha.

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