The Immunized

We had the best of intentions. Our team included endocrinologists, neurologists, geneticists, and medical doctors. We were trying to engineer a panacea–something that would slow age, prevent dementia, make the body more durable, resistant to injury, and much faster to heal. We never imagined these abominations.–Dr. Richard Treemont, M.D.

Hunit dalas. Hunit. Kedit. Klss kedit. Hngy. Kllyou. Eat.–Test Subject A5, Patient Zero, and former college student. Actual name withheld for national security purposes.

The Immunized are essentially science zombies. They are humans (and later animals) who are the result of a failed effort to create a much more durable specimen, immunized to much of the ailments which plague humanity.

They began as a group of college students who had volunteered for an undisclosed medical experiment, in exchange for class credit and one hundred dollars. The origin of their ironic and distasteful moniker is unknown.


Infection: Any introduction of a bodily substance of an Immunized into the bloodstream of animal life, by a bite for instance, will introduce the virus. The victim must make a successful, opposed CON roll against the virus’s potency of 80 or be transformed into an Immunized 24 hours later.

If extremely powerful antibiotics are administered within the first 6 hours, the victim receives a bonus die.

On a success, they suffer a loss of 2D10 to DEX, APP, INT, and EDU, and remain more or less normal. On a failure their characteristics become as below, and they become one of The Immunized.

Spells: None

The Immunized, decaying medical experiments

STR: 75 (37/15)

CON: 80 (40/16)

SIZ: 50 (25/10)

DEX: 50 (25/10)

APP: 10 (05/02)

INT: 30 (15/06)

POW: 50 (25/10)

EDU: 30 (15/06)

HP: 13

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