Extraordentarii / Savage Warriors neither living nor dead

Only serious fans of the arena have heard of the Extraordentarii, one of the rarest forms of gladiator. A play on the Ordentarii (a class of non-specialized gladiator), the Extraordentarii is as the names suggests, something extra ordinary. It appears as a man covered in spiked leather and rings armored leather armor and a full facial helmet. The small sharpened spikes are to discourage opponents from grappling them (causing a penalty dice for such actions). The spikes also grant them a bonus dice when attempting to free themselves from nets. An Extraordentarii’s hands are covered in cestus gloves, it only weapon. They are built into the creature’s armor making it impossible to disarm an extraordentarii.  

Extraordentarii are not trained but created. When a gladiator is too old or injured to justify the expense of their recovery or upkeep their owner can opt to have them transformed. Through magic and alchemy performed by only the most debased magi the gladiator is transformed into something neither living or dead. The gladiator loses the ability to speak (although they do scream, roar, and make simple vocalizations), to think for themselves, or dream of anything better. They have no fear, feel no pain, do not eat or drink or sleep. They are a singular purpose – kill their opponents. Their masters are typically the evilest of gladiator owners or the vile sorcerers who created them. Sometimes a powerful sorcerer or priest creates a group of these creatures for use as shock troops or an elite fighting forces.

In combat Extraordentarii are powerful, savage fighters. They attack with powerful blows from their spiked and bladed cestus. Their armor keeps them well protected from harm, but when they are wounded they quickly heal at the rate of 1 point every thirty minutes. They are usually matched against a group of other gladiators or condemned prisoners, as a single opponent doesn’t often last long enough against them to entertain the masses. Sometimes Extraordentarri are matched against a particularly deadly beast, such as a bear or a lion. 

Extraordentarii are magically enslaved to their owners, powerless to resist their commands or cause them harm. Deep down they hate their owners above all other things. If an Extraordentarii is defeated in combat but spared from death (for example, reduced to zero HP but allowed to regain consciousness) this enchantment is broken. In such cases the Extraordentarii often pretends to obey their masters, but only until the opportunity to pummel them into oblivion presents itself. Once an Extraordetarii’s master is slain the creature dissolves into a pool of stinking black goo oozing out of its I spiked leather armor. 

Extraordentarii / Savage Warriors neither living nor dead

Char.  Averages rolls

STR   105   6D6+6 x 5

CON   115   (3D6+12) x 5

SIZ     85   (3D6+6) x 5

DEX      55   3D6 x 5

INT    35   2D6+6 x 5

POW    85   (3D6+6) x 5

HP  20

Av. Damage Bonus: 2D6

Average Build: 3

Average Magic Points: 17

Move 9


Attacks per round: 2 (blows from cestus) 

Fighting Attacks: 2 blows from Cestus 

Fighting, 65% (33 / 13), 1D4+db

Dodge 40% (20 / 8)  

Armor: Spiked leather and rings armor and heavy helmet, 1D4+3 points of protection per attack.

Skills: Climb 55%, Intimidate 65%, Jump 45%, Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 40%.

Spells: none

Sanity Loss: 0/1D4 to encounter an Extraordentarii 

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