The Drooler in The Dark

I stood at the door, my face pale. A cold seat dampened my brow. I turned to look at my companion to see how he was faring. Prepare yourself, Joe. We are about to face something so horrible and evil that I am surprised that the very earth does not reject its presence.
What is this horror? said Joe.

The Drooler in the Dark, the Dog That Should Not Be… I said, my voice trailing off to a whisper.

A Hound of Tindalos! Joe cried as a look of terror crossed his face.

No, far worse. I said as the door swung open, revealing It.

Oh, look at the cute doggy! said Joe, stepping forward to meet the Beast.

No, Joe! I cried, but it was already too late…
Disclaimer: Any resemblance between persons or dogs, living or dead, and the characters in this adventure is purely coincidental.

Keepers Introduction

This adventure is intended as a bit of comic relief to break up the usual tedious monotony of death and insanity that the intrepid investigators have grown so accustomed to. This adventure works best if it is properly set up before it is played, so as to enable it to be sprung upon the unsuspecting investigators.The set up for the adventure is as follows: First, one of the investigators needs to become romantically involved with a NPC. Second, that NPC must buy a dog for a pet. Unknown to the NPC, he or she will acquire the Drooler in the Dark which will manifest itself as its current body grows from a cute puppy to a malign mass of canine flesh. While the Drooler is growing up, it will seem like other puppies and will cause no more destruction than any other growing and hyperactive young pup. However, when it reaches full growth, it will become serious trouble for the investigator.

Running the Drooler

The Drooler will be basically a background element in the campaign which will involve the investigator who has been singled out for this horrid fate. The investigator will be forced to interact with the Drooler every time the investigator visits his or her loved one. The following charts are used to generate the actions of the Drooler. Of course, the Keeper may freely chose an action for maximum humor. The Drooler will never harm its owner, who will never punish it severely no matter what it does.

Situation: The Drooler meets the investigator or a friend of the investigator.

Roll (1d6) Action

1Drooler rams its nose into the victims groin. If victim is male, he takes 1D3 and must
roll under his constitution X 3 on % dice or fall to the ground for 1D10 minutes during which time he can only emit high pitched noises indicating his horrible pain. If victim is female,she will be embarrassed, but unharmed.

2Drooler vomits on victims shoes. Really embarrassing and the acidic vomit eats up the
victims shoes and inflicts 1D2/round until washed off.

3 Drooler relieves itself on victim. Not harmful but certainly not enjoyable.

4Drooler barks insanely for 1D6 minutes and will not stop.

5Drooler runs away, requiring the investigator to chase the damn thing down. It will lead the
investigator through the worst places it can find (dumps, swamps, crack houses, etc.).
Eventually it will ditch the investigator and return home.

6Roll twice and apply the effects.

Situation: Investigator introduces the Drooler to one of his/her pets.

Roll (1d3) Action

1Drooler vomits on pet. Pet takes 1D3/round until it is washed off.

2Drooler drags the pet around until it is just about dead, then lets it go.

3Drooler eats the investigators pet.

Situation: Investigator is sitting down, watching TV or working.

Roll (1D6)Action

1Drooler sneaks up on investigator and emits an unearthly howl causing a loss of 1D3
SAN on an unsuccessful SAN roll, no loss if SAN roll is made.

2Drooler leaps into the PCs lap and vomits on him/her. The vomit inflicts
1D3/round until washed off.

3Drooler get between the investigator and his work, TV, etc. and will refuse to move.

4Drooler begins eating the PCs shoes, whether they are being worn or not.

5Drooler begins to bark insanely and will not stop until the investigator goes away.

6Roll Twice

Situation: investigator and romantic interest are smooching, etc.

Roll (1D3)Action

1Drooler decides it has to go to the bathroom. If not taken for a walk, it
will relieve itself on the investigator.

2Drooler begins to bark insanely and will not stop until the investigator goes away.

3Drooler will stare intently at the investigator. The investigator must match power with the Drooler and win in order to keep doing what he/she is doing. If not, the mood is shattered.

Situation: The investigator is eating.


1Drooler leaps up into the PCs plate and begins slurping down food.

2Drooler gets its paws on the table and vomits on the PCs plate.

3Drooler gets under the table and rams its head into the investigators groin (see above).

4Drooler begins to bark insanely and will not stop until the investigator feeds it. If the
investigator feeds it, it will nip the hand that feeds it for 1 point.

5Drooler gets beside the investigator and breaks wind. The investigator must roll under his/her constitution on % dice or be unable to eat.

6The Drooler stares at the investigator. The investigator must match power with the Drooler and win or be unable to eat.

Situation: The investigator is asleep and the Drooler is present (bad move).

Roll (1D3)Action

1The Drooler awakens the investigator by stepping on his/her chest and growling.
In the process, the Drooler will dump about a liter of drool onto the investigator.
Waking up in this manner costs 1D3 SAN or 0 is a successful SAN roll
is made.

2Drooler take the opportunity to eat most of the investigators clothing, including the
investigators wallet or purse (yumm! Credit cards!)

3Drooler vomits on investigator. investigator takes 1D3/round until the gunk is washed off.

Situation: The investigator is taking the Drooler for a walk.

Roll(1D6) Action
1Drooler lures the investigator near something dangerous (like traffic) and tries to drag
the investigator into the danger.

2Drooler escapes the leash and the investigator must track it down (see above).

3Drooler gets into a fight with a really big dog who has a really big owner who
really loves his dog and would really hurt the investigator if the Drooler messes up
his dog.

4Drooler waits until the investigator is distracted and then tangles the investigator in
the leash and then takes off at top speed, dragging the investigator along. The investigator will sustain 1D3 points before getting free and will look pretty stupid being dragged around by a dog.

5The Drooler bites the head of a squirrel in front of a group of young children,
runs over to them and coughs it up onto the youngest child.

6The Drooler bites the head of an old ladys poodle then coughs the head up
on her foot, causing her to suffer a cardiac arrest.

The Keeper should milk the Drooler for all that it is worth. Remember that the PCs love interest will not tolerate any harm to come to her beloved dog. Eventually, the joke will wear thin and the Drooler can vanish into the night (or perhaps into a concrete filled 55 gallon drum ) leaving only the stale smell of doggy vomit and lots of shed fur behind.

The Drooler
Description: The Drooler always takes the form of a very large yellow dog, with a look of keen, but malign, intelligence in its eyes.

Notes: The Drooler is a one of a kind supernatural entity which exists to cause trouble for humans. It will cause itself to be born as a dog and will cause someone to adopt or buy it. It will then match its power against the people or person who bought it and if it wins, the persons or person will want to keep the Drooler, no matter what. The Drooler is a bit evil, but will only resort to full scale violence to preserve its body. Otherwise, it will be content to torment everyone besides those who own it (who are oblivious to its behavior). Naturally, the person or persons who own it will never want to speak or see the person who harms their beloved dog.


Characteristics Rolls The Drooler in the Dark
STR 15
CON 20
SIZ 10
POW 19
DEX 14
Damage Bonus 1D8+1D4
Hit Points 15
Move 14
Weapons Bite80% Ram95% Vomit95% 1D2/round until washed off.
Armor The Drooler has no armor, but takes minimum damage from non magical weapons
Skills Viewing the Drooler costs no SAN. It can emit a howl,that costs 1D3 SAN unless the hearer makes a SAN roll.
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