Well, oh loyal readers, your loyal webmaster, the smooth
pimp of love Trollboy, will be going to origins in less
than 2 weeks. I will be roaming around the con sometimes,
hanging out in the Chaosium Booth with Charlie Krank and
infamous Dustin, running games for GAMA, or checking out
Columbus. So look for me at origins or at the local
Columbus hotspots, such as the zoo, my grandmothers, or
the local goth clubs, etc.

As Dustin attests below, they need more Arkham Horror
guys. So if you’re in the area, sign up. Or else. It
should be fun and no will probably get hurt, unless Dan
Harms happens to show up in which case I plan to shoot him
to see what I missed by not making it to NecronomiCon.

Also at the con will be a bunch of celebs and midgets.
There is a pool running amoung our staff here to see how
long it takes me to get banned from the con for Dwarf
Tossing. Contact Kthulah to place your bets before all
spots on the pool are taken.

Just the same, I look forward to meeting a bunch of you
there, and to paraphrase Good ol’ Stan Lee; Until Cthulhu
takes up water ballet, make mine evil.

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