Chaosium Product Updates!!


The 20th Anniversary Edition is (still) coming!

Our greatly anticipated 20th Anniversary Edition of Call of Cthulhu (Cha 2399
$79.95)has taken much longer to print & bind than we were led to believe.
Despite all the delays, we expect to ship this book the first week of October.
As soon as we receive them, we’ll start shipping them out to everyone who has
placed orders. Go reserve a copy at your local game shop this weekend! For more
info check out:

Miskatonic University Library Edition Announced

We’re printing a *very* limited number of signed & numbered editions of our
20th anniversary tome for all of you die-hard cultists out there. This version
is only available direct from Chaosium. Read more about it at:

Chaosium Boo Boo Books now online!

We’re making a variety of out of print books available to you via our web page.
These boo boo books are slightly scuffed, dinged, or otherwise show minor
cosmetic blemishes from sitting on shelves, being shipped back and forth across
the county etc. You can view our boo boo offerings at

Unseen Masters Honors!

UNSEEN MASTERS, CHA 2384 $23.95, a Call of Cthulhu supplement published by
Chaosium Inc., has earned author Dr. Bruce Ballon the 2001 Mary Seeman Award for
Outstanding Achievement in the Area of Psychiatry and Humanities.

The Mary Seeman Award is given for outstanding achievement for papers, programs
or work that focus on Psychiatry and the Humanities. It is presented by the
University of Toronto.

Although there were numerous papers submitted for the award, UNSEEN MASTERS blew
them all away. Dr. Ron Ruskin, Chairman of the Award Committee stated “An
amazing work.  It is prodigious, highly creative and extremely original. It
was the best of a number of wonderful papers submitted this year.”

UNSEEN MASTERS is the first horror fiction or RPG book to ever receive an award
from a World Health Organization Centre of Excellence and top international
Psychiatry . The book has been given the stamp of academic acceptance and
recognition in the medical world.

Additionally, UNSEEN MASTERS has currently nineteen recommendations for
consideration of a Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writer’s Association. This
is the largest number of recommendations any RPG book has been given in the HWA.

Read more about Unseen Masters at:
Read about the award at:

Chaosium Release Schedule through Dec 2001.

Just Shipped:

CHA 6032 Song of Cthulhu $13.95

Expected October:

CHA 2399 20th Anniversary Call of Cthulhu (Very Limited!) $79.95

CHA 2393 Ramsey Campbell’s Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places $27.95

The Great Pumpkin.

Expected November:

CHA 6028 Nameless Cults $15.95  1-56882-130-1

CHA 6012 The Necronomicon (reprint) $16.95 1-56882-070-4

CHA 6022 Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (reprint) $16.95 1-56882-119-0

CHA 2370 1920’s Investigators Companion (reprint) $20.95 1-56882-106-9

CHA 2375 The Creature Companion  (reprint) $21.95 1-56882-133-6

Expected December:

CHA 6026 Book of Eibon $15.95 1-56882-129-8

Sandy Claws

Chaosium Titles Available Now:

Call of Cthulhu Fiction

CHA 6004 Shub Niggurath Cycle $19.95 1-56882-017-8
CHA 6009 Made in Goatswood $13.95 1-56882-046-1
CHA 6011 Disciples of Cthulhu $13.95 1-56882-054-2
CHA 6014 Singers of Strange Songs $13.95 1-56882-104-2
CHA 6018 Nightmare’s Disciple. $14.95 1-56882-118-2
CHA 6021 Ithaqua Cycle $12.95 1-56882-124-7
CHA 6023 Yellow Sign & Other Tales $19.95  1-56882-126-3
CHA 6024 Tales Out of Innsmouth $13.95 1-56882-127-1
CHA 6027 Book of Dyzan $13.95 1-56882-114-x
CHA 6030 Three Imposters $13.95 1-56882-132-8
CHA 6031 Antarktos Cycle  $19.95 1-56882-146-8
CHA 6032 Song of Cthulhu $13.95 1-56882-117-4 NEW

CALL OF CTHULHU Chaosium’s Classic Lovecraftian Horror RPG
CHA 2342 Adventures in Arkham Country $19.95 1-56882-004-6
CHA 2359 Horror’s Heart $12.95 1-56882-068-2
CHA 2360 Utatti Asfet: The Eye of Wicked Sight $20.95 1-56882-056-9
CHA 2361 Masks of Nyarlathotep $25.95 1-56882-069-0
CHA 2362 Compact Trail of Tsathoggua $8.95 1-56882-087-9
CHA 2364 Resection of Time $11.95 1-56882-095-x
CHA 2365 Minions $10.95 1-56882-098-4
CHA 2367 Secrets $8.95 1-56882-100-x
CHA 2368 Dreaming Stone $11.95 1-56882-101-8
CHA 2369 New Orleans Guidebook $16.95 1-56882-089-5
CHA 2371 Escape from Innsmouth $22.95 1-56882-115-8
CHA 2372 Bermuda Triangle $16.95 1-56882-122-0
CHA 2373 Dead Reckonings $14.95 1-56882-123-9
CHA 2374 Day Of The Beast $19.95 1-56882-125-5
CHA 2377 Before the Fall $11.95 1-56882-135-2
CHA 2379 Last Rites $14.95 1-56882-137-9
CHA 2380 Beyond the Mountains of Madness $39.95 1-56882-138-7
CHA 2384 Unseen Masters $23.95 1-56882-120-4
CHA 2385 No Man’s Land  $14.95 1-56882-142-5
CHA 2386 CALL OF CTHULHU RPG Hardback $37.95 1-56882-148-4
CHA 2387 Call of Cthulhu Keepers Screen  $14.95 1-56882-149-2
CHA 2388 COC Keeper’s Companion $23.95 1-56882-144-1

Chaosium Inc  Worlds of the Eternal Champion: A New World for the d20

 CHA 2017 Dragon Lords of Melnibone D20 worldbook $23.95

Stormbringer 5th edition Michael Moorcock’s Dark Fantasy RPG

CHA 2115 Stormbringer 5th Edition  DARK FANTASY RPG $29.95
CHA 2902 Elric Gamemaster’s Screen $14.95 1-56882-011-9
CHA 2903 Fate of Fools $10.95 1-56882-024-0
CHA 2905 Atlas of the Young Kingdoms $19.95 1-56882-021-6
CHA 2906 Sailing on the Seas of Fate. $12.95 1-56882-022-4
CHA 2907 The Unknown East… $16.95 1-56882-032-1
CHA 2111 Rogue Mistress… $18.95 0-933635-73-7
CHA 2112 Sorcerers of Pan Tang $18.95 0-933635-79-6
CHA 2113 Perils of the Young Kingdoms $18.95 0-933635-82-6

Chaosium Inc: Mythos: Lovecraftian  Card Game
CHA 1301 Expeditions of M.U. Booster Display $106.20
CHA 1302 Cthulhu Rising Booster Display $106.20
CHA 1303 Legends of the Necronomicon Booster Display $106.20
CHA 1304 The Art of Playing Mythos $8.95
CHA 1305 Investigator Card Set $5.00
CHA 1307 Dreamlands Starter Display $89.95

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