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West’s Nurses

Genderless constructs of legs and hands, crawling around attempting to re-animate the dead even if they're not dead yet

Dedicated Re-animators

“How dare you judge my work”

– Herbert West

No doctor is complete without their helpers. Attending Physicians, and especially nurses. Skill and genius carry us all forward but without those smaller, meaner helping hands, no progress can ever be made. A certain Dr. West was a man of exceeding hubris but even he knew the above to be true.

After breaking the laws of the sane by reanimating the dead. West capriciously toyed with the mechanical parts and produced many abominations. Some were toys to satisfy his curiosity others were meant to aid his mighty work. Aid he needed but without those pesky protests that so often belch from the mouths of lesser minds.

West’s Nurses. Genderless fusions of legs and hands gathered from the aftermaths of West’s more vigorous creations. Infused with a will to aid in the work of defeating death. Even after the Good doctor’s disappearance, they still lurk in long forgotten haunts.

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The Perfect Soldier

Soldiers with their heads replaced with a fist, with a lens acting as it's eye. It is enhanced with molded steel plates and has a small motor on it's back to power

Used, Broken, But Unending.

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime” – Ernest Hemingway, 1946

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Irradiated Scavenger

A horrid irradiated, glowing thing coppled together from random parts; of machinery, human anatomy.. they hunt the country side after catastrophes and scour for parts to expirement with and add onto themselves.

Defiler of the Forsaken

For a scavenger, Patience is the key to the Pantry.

-Delia Owens
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Bread of Heaven

As our kickstarter continues, we had an extra scenario come up that couldn’t make it’s way into the book. In normal form, we are opting to share this scenario with you dear readers! There is still time to back Terrors of the OctoberNomicon! Consider this scenario a free preview of what’s awaiting you in the finished book. That said, we bring you… Bread of heaven!

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