Irradiated Scavenger

Defiler of the Forsaken

For a scavenger, Patience is the key to the Pantry.

-Delia Owens
A horrid irradiated, glowing thing coppled together from random parts; of machinery, human anatomy.. they hunt the country side after catastrophes and scour for parts to expirement with and add onto themselves.
Irradtiated Scavenger by Brad Hicks

As the 19th century came to a close, there was an odd gray area where science was being codified. Discoveries were made and exploited without the proper controls and safety. The unscrupulous and foolish played with unstable luminous materials subjecting themselves to painful lingering deaths. Others compounded these errors by not disposing of the victims’ remains safely. For certain depraved hobbyists, these irradiated corpses present a rich larder to raid.

Self taught “scientists”, Insane wizards and even over eager boy scouts. These scavengers raid graves and crypts using homemade geiger counters to find irradiated corpses. When found, they extract teeth, bones and organs to construct  devices, perform experiments and even empower themselves to cast the spells normally impossible for humans. The radioactive materials burn and mutate their bodies creating a horrific glowing parody of what they were. 

Radioactive Taint: The scavengers work so closely with contaminated materials that they are now suffused with low level radioactivity and even close proximity will contaminate others. Melee attacks and even the firearms they handle can cause radiation poisoning in investigators. Scavengers Lair: Of especial risk is if the Investigators find the Scavengers lair, the place where they gather their desecrated materials. Here the contamination is at its worst 

These foolish scavengers seldom live long. But that is little comfort for investigators seeking them. Their every action spreads contamination. In the 20’s scavengers are rare but so is information on how to protect oneself from their taint. In the modern era treatment and containment are more feasible. But so are the opportunities for the scavengers. The sheer scale of information available and the proliferation of disasters like chernobyl and fukushima allow for truly monstrous harm.


Radioactive Taint:  Investigators in melee range or hit with firearm attacks must make a CON check or be contaminated. Suffering 1D4  dmg each day and a penalty die to all skills and attacks. A hard medicine check in the field can stop the contamination. 

Tainted Lair: Investigators entering must make a hard CON roll or be contaminated and suffer 1D6 dmg and a penalty die per day. Investigators can only be treated at a hospital and even then need a Hard medicine roll

Spells: Irradiated Scavengers have a 30% chance of knowing 1D4 spells. Such spells may relate to Azathoth or involve disease or destruction of human flesh

Irradiated Scavenger, Defiler of the Forsaken

Char      Roll                    avg                   

STR:    (3D6)x5               55

CON:   (3D6)x5               65

SIZ:     (2D6+6)x5           70

DEX:   (3D6)x5               65

INT:     (3D6+6)x5           80

POW:  (3D6+6)x5           90

HP: 13

Damage Bonus: none

Build: 0

Magic Points: 18

Move: 7          


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting attacks: .

Brawl(fists): 40%, 1D4+0 +Radioactive taint

Brawl(knife): 40%, 1D6+0 +Radioactive taint

Handgun: 50%, 1D8 +Radioactive taint

Dodge: 33%

Armor: none

Skills:   Listen 35%, Spot Hidden 50%,Stealth 40%,

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 

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