New Release! Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101

Book Cover - 5 college age kids running. Green background with a faded image of a collegiate facility behind them. The title, Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101 is in purple.
Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101

Last year, my brother finally said to me, “Hey Matt, what’s the deal with all that Lovecraft stuff?” So, I sent him every story I had and he read them all. He became a man possessed and it was awesome. Suddenly, he had story ideas. He was writing up plots and sending them to me. Weird Fiction was his weapon, and he was slaying me with ideas.

One of those plots hit me as a great idea. What if we did the classic “Chosen One” story, like in Star Wars or Harry Potter, or, as we kept comparing the idea to, Drew Hayes SuperPowereds series, but we made it about the Lovecraft bloodlines and the horrors that plague that universe. You’re the Chosen One, but how can you possibly survive things greater than reality? Aliens with billions of years of knowledge and power and morals entirely foreign to humanity, versus a college kid with a less than moral pedigree?

Then, Mike (my brother), said to me, “Why not 5 kids?”

That was when the plot started to come together and we wrote Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101.

Now it’s up on Kindle Unlimited and I’m wanting to see this thing I did with my brother take right off, but for that, I need honest reviews. Flattery will get you everywhere, but honesty helps me sell more.

So, here’s the pitch: Want a free copy? Digital only, so far anyway. I’ll email you a copy of the book, you read it. You have strong opinions about it. Then you post those opinions in the form of a review on Amazon and wherever else you want. The book takes off. We make enough money to meet you at NecronomiCon next year. You and us become besties. We say nice things at each other’s funerals. Everyone’s wondering how we ended up at each other’s funeral. Isn’t that guy dead? Wtf? OMG! They ARE OTHERWOLDLY!!! (Everything in italics is wishful thinking…)

You will find the form below, which includes many other works of mine that I will gladly encourage you to request if they interest you as well. Most of which are Lovecraftian.

Additionally, if you want to see what’s next, like the second MU book, or more Andrew Doran, I have a Patreon. Go check it out:

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