Necronomicon 2021

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NecronomiCon Providence writes:

Email update this coming week. Be sure you’re on our email list – sign up via our website linked below.

Passes begin sales March 15* Visit for more info as our planning develops over the coming months. Information on purchasing passes can be found there, too.

We are taking the threat of the of the *ongoing* Covid-19 Pandemic very seriously and are developing and adjusting plans accordingly, including considering a move to August 2022. *More info to come soon!*

EDIT: As several have asked / suggested, here and in direct message or email, our preference is very much to move to 2022. But, one of our core venues is holding us to a contractual obligation we made in The Before Times and they are expressing no interest in being reasonable or flexible – and they won’t allow “force majeure” until 60 days out from the convention.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and love.

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