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Soft Opening

So, venerable user Chris Loveless pointed out that my previous post was a year old.  SOOOO. I’ve decided to post this.  Huzzah!   As you can see we’re more or less back up.  We do currently have a few outstanding issues;

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Welcome Back Authors

Where’s all my content?

Well, we’ve got most of it backed up, but we’ve no reference to assign it to authors   UPDATE: We have all the data, as well as references to the authors. I am trying to contact everyone that I can, if you see this and you once wrote for us, or want to write for us again, get ahold of me at the email of trollboy@( THIS WEBSITE ).  If you’ve got content on the original SDN, we’ll do our best to recover it for you.  Simply create an account and send me a message and I’ll get to work on it.

In the meantime, we’re trying to do our best to focus on *NEW* and exciting content, so that said… sign up, send us your submissions and lets go! Continue reading »

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Origins 2007 Report – Trevlix

Trevlix, a Group Keeper and of YSDC fame, has begun posting of his Origins experiences in his journal.

Check it out, here.

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Origins 2007 Feedback!

Have some comments on this year’s Group events at Origins?

Have stories to tell?

Have suggestions for next year?

Would you like to participate as a Group GM in 2008?

Let us know! Send in a submission! Post in our forums! Post at the forums. Send me an email! Continue reading »

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The Miskatonic

  • 1 Part Frangelico
  • 1 Part Midori
  • 1 Part Tonic

Invented by

  • Chris ONeil of 9th Level games; Game Designer and sworn enemy of my liver
  • Our as of yet unnamed New GM (Hurry up and get ahold of us you bastard)
  • Matt “trollboy” Wiseman (if you’re ever in vegas and see me out and about buy me a Miskatonic or 30
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Origins 07 – Event Preview – Tombstone

Here’s a teaser for the “Tombstone” adventure at Origins 07

You board the stage coach, your compatriots; Wyatt and Virgil Earp, et. al. following shortly behind you. Along with your party, a young gunslinger joins you. You realize he’s a gunfighter, due to his utter inability to shut up and stop showing off. Gun spinning, targeting things through the window, etc. Continue reading »

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Back.. front and side to side

In a strange series of events that can only be classified by a word our team of loyal shoggites(yes that’s a word, so what if I just made it up) at oxford are working on developing (they’re handling that one, because we all know what happens when I make up a bloody word) we were down for a couple weeks.

Well a few SQL tweaks and a sacrifice to shub-internet later and here we are! YEAH! In the meantime, anyone recommend a good CMS? More on that and such IT Geekery below. Continue reading »

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The 2005 Shoggy Award

You’ve heard stories, you’ve been warned by elected officials, and you had
duck and cover drills in school… but here it is anyway, the exclusive 2005
Shoggy award. When you sign up for the Tournement you have a
chance at winning this beasty!! Click more to see it.

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The doom that came to Cleveland

Your venerable webmaster has been more than lacking in his duties as of
late. This is due in no small part to the abominable efforts of the French.
Other causes of this malady can be traced directly my moving to Cleveland
Ohio from.. another smaller part of Ohio. Continue reading »

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Last night after 8pm, the forums went to hell in a handbasket. Literally. All forum posts, etc are gone. We’re working to either rebuild them or restore from backup asap. Sorry for any problems this may cause.

In the interim, I’d like to thank staffer Phobia for helping to get the site back up, you sir are a golden god. With out you, our poor readers wouldn’t even see this page.

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