The doom that came to Cleveland

Your venerable webmaster has been more than lacking in his duties as of
late. This is due in no small part to the abominable efforts of the French.
Other causes of this malady can be traced directly my moving to Cleveland
Ohio from.. another smaller part of Ohio.What does this mean? Allow me to review:

  • I know no FLGS’s (Friendly Local Game Stores) to sit around and make a
    nuisance of myself at.
  • I know no like minded people to annoy, pester and incite restraining
    orders and threats of deportation (sorry again mom)
  • People actually recognize those bumper stickers on my truck.

That all said, if you, my loyal cultists, know of any cures for the above issues
(I’m already in the process of procuring a large handgun which supposedly
shoots through schools and not just thier buses from a man named Johnny
Vermin who claims to be a garbage man in order to deal with those who
actually understand the strange symbols on my truck) feel free to email me
here at the webmaster address.

Oh and for the unknown motorist in Akron who recognized my Cthulhu-Fish
sticker whilst my coworker and I were attempting in vain to find the “Hairy
Buffalo”, thank you for not car-jacking me as I was expecting when you tail-
gated me, wailed on your horn, passed me, then slammed the break to
inform me that Cthulhu does infact rule. Thus the large caliber hand gun.
If the unknown cultist who did these things is out there reading this, give me
a call.

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