Soft Opening

So, venerable user Chris Loveless pointed out that my previous post was a year old.  SOOOO. I’ve decided to post this.  Huzzah!   As you can see we’re more or less back up.  We do currently have a few outstanding issues;

  1. Content needs cleaned up and organized.  There are some errant slashes laying about, and most of the content is uncategorized currently so I have to finish out placing them in categories.
  2. EMail is being flaky.  Currently I can deliver to GMail (at least by my own account) but not to AOL.  I am still working on it, but if you signed up and can’t get a confirmation email.. please don’t hesitate to email me at trollboy@here.
  3. Old authors still need contacted. Due to the nature of how we handle copyrights, all authors retain rights to their stories and due to it being so long since we’ve been up, I’m asking everyone first.  So if you know an author who you missed and isn’t on here yet, then hit them up for us.
  4. Referring back to #2, if you’re an author who’s already signed off and you wanna log in and edit/post more and can’t.. email me directly and I’ll get you going.

Thanks everyone! It’s great to be back!

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