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as the leaves die, memories stir

OctoberNomicon logo

What horrors awaken as summer dies? This is the question I ask you once again oh dearest reader.. Once again I must announce to the world that OctoberNomicon has once again set upon us. Come ye and once again dump the poison metastasizing in your minds onto the screen and help us in our endeavor to remind the world WHY they fear the dark, WHY they avoid the shadows, WHY the forgotten is best left as such.. artists take the heed of Pickman before you, writers take your pen in hand like a prison shank… and show us what horrors you have inside you!

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OctoberNomicon and beyond; a Call for Revelations!

A popular meme at the moment expressing ostensible dissatisfaction of HBO’s application of the shoggoth appellation to their new creature.

Yes. Sort of. Details below.

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Thank you for coming

This wraps up OctoberNomicon 2019. Thank you all again for enjoying this time of year with us, and special thanks to all our contributers. As such, I announce that submissions are now open for OctoberNomicon 2020! And as always you can submit anytime for any content. is and always has been ran by you, our users.

So in closing, thank you for making OctoberNomicon 2019 awesome and enjoy this final bit of art for Cody Goodfellow‘s The Spawn Of Hali. It is a Huhuotl drawn by Fufu Frauenwahl
The Huhuotl

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Omnia autem buy

As promised, here’s your Golden Goblin Press Discount code for the Ides of October
It is good 10/13 – 10/19

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Ave Octobernomicon!

Tomorrow begins the Ides of October… as such.. the brain fevered cultists toiling away over at Golden Goblin Press have decided in their lunacy to bestow upon us a 20% Discount on all Cthulhu Invictis items!! The insanity begins tomorrow with… The Winged Serpents..

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Ave Cthulhu

My beloved Cultists.. we have a special treat for you next week.. for next week is the Ides of October.. a special all Invictus week of horror and abomination from our good friends at Golden Goblin Press!!

To help celebrate this, stay tuned for a special announcement EXCLUSIVE to the Ides of October..

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Submissions for OctoberNomicon Now Open

Attention Artists! Attention Writers! Attention Weirdos!

Getting a head start on things; we have now opened submissions for our yearly OctoberNomicon! Submit your monsters, npc’s and abomonations to appear all through out the month of October. We are open to any game system. If you’re an artist and want to volunteer to draw things; let us know! We’ll give you a sneak peak of the submissions so far so you can bring these horrible things to life. As always send your horrible things to

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OctoberNomicon Voting Begins…

Thanks to everyone who participated in our OctoberNomicon! Voting begins today! Voting will be open until the 15th, at which point voting for the art begins. Which means, you’re still free to submit art entries until the 15th. Good luck to everyone! You don’t need to register to vote, and multiple votes are allowed, so vote for all the monsters you like!

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OctoberNomicon Finale

We round out our final Friday Celeb with none other than Kenneth Hite, followed by tomorrow our last day. You can STILL ENTER to be part of the grand finale tomorrow and we’ve got several already scheduled! If you submitted art or a monster and haven’t appeared yet, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

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I goofed!!

I published Nemesis twice!! So I give you Nightmare Parasites today from Bruce Piddy. Sorry about the mixup!!

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