OctoberNomicon and beyond; a Call for Revelations!

A popular meme at the moment expressing ostensible dissatisfaction of HBO’s application of the shoggoth appellation to their new creature.

Yes. Sort of. Details below.

First, as with every year, I’m calling out for submissions for various cthulhu mythos abominations for our yearly Octobernomicon. Every october we do one Monstrous Manual/Malleus Monstrorum style entry every day for the entire month of October. We also are actively seeking artists to help volunteer to provide illustrations for these horrid things. As such the sooner the write ups come the better.

Second, as the meme above illustrates, there was some commotion over HBO’s recent Lovecraft Country referring to the many eyed quadrupeds in their first episode as “Shoggoths”. This caused some discussion and someone brought up the idea of what if they’re just different subspecies of shoggoth. We here have already explored variations on Deep Ones; the fresh water variety as well as the subterranean offshoot. It only makes sense we do the same for our namesake. I talked to the venerable Bruce Piddy and he replied “Well September is for Shoggoths.”.

With that, he accidentally a whole thing.

On top of our normal OctoberNomicon, we’re also doing “September is for Shoggoths“. Through out September we will be doing new posts and variations on the popular lovecraftian monster, their ecologies and evolution. We welcome and encourage ALL to contribute and I wait with abated breath at what horrible things your twisted minds come up with.

Tekeli li! Tekeli li!

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