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The Huhuotl

A union of Hali-Spawn and human host, the gestalt organism is able to engage in physical combat while simultaneously casting spells. Bullets inflict negligible damage, and they are only partially susceptible to slashing weapons. Moreover, the ichor of the Huhuotl regenerates even traumatic physical damage until its hit points are reduced to -6 or lower; seemingly dead, the Huhuotli may resume activity when hit points have regenerated back above 0. The Red Gaze of a Huhuotl plunges its victim into a killing rage, in which he may attack friends as well as his enemy. If faced with a particularly worthy opponent, the Huhuotl may draw its victim into extremely close quarters, then attempt to attach one of its sucker-mouthed tentacles to his/her throat, simultaneously draining 1D4 hit points of blood per round and injecting a small amount of its own ichor into the bloodstream. Without a complete blood transfusion within 4 hours, the victim’s blood becomes commingled with the Huhuotli ichor, and will not allow itself to be removed without killing the host.

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The Spawn Of Hali–Greater Servitor Race

The HuhuotlThe octopoid inhabitants of the Lake of Hali spend millennia in a larval stage that initially is not much larger than the human head. Shortly after hatching, many are transported across light years of space to colonize distant worlds; whether this is done to spread the progeny of Hastur throughout the universe, or as a defense against the cannibalistic attentions of their sires is unknown. Physically defenseless for all their formidable alien magic, the infant Spawn must pursue a parasitic relationship with other species to fulfill its bloodthirsty nature. The Spawn foment constant warfare among host races wherever they go, selecting the fittest as host bodies, and driving all other inhabitants to extinction. Countless worlds have been overrun and turned into nightmarish outposts of Carcosa by the Spawn of Hali in this manner. In addition to their Amazonian colony, the Spawn of Hali may have infested other remote regions of the earth such as Australia, where they may lie at the root of the myth of the giant- headed, weather-controlling Wandjina.

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THEY ARE NOT MOCKED: The Cuteness Of Cthulhu

“We can only avoid assimilation by writing hermetically; by not making ourselves clear to every department store shop-assistant. Mystery is frightening…”

––Unidentified Trotskyite speaker sampled in Greater Than One’s “Fear Is The Agent Of Violence”

            Much rhetorical blood and literal ink has already been spilled over the question of graven or implushed images of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones; but, while the argument may have fallen away unresolved as a relic of the halcyon days of sane public discourse, the failure to address the true scourge afflicting our dreams of hegemony haunts us still, and shall grow ever worse unless and until we cleanse it with purifying (albeit figurative, for now) fire.

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