The Huhuotl

A union of Hali-Spawn and human host, the gestalt organism is able to engage in physical combat while simultaneously casting spells. Bullets inflict negligible damage, and they are only partially susceptible to slashing weapons. Moreover, the ichor of the Huhuotl regenerates even traumatic physical damage until its hit points are reduced to -6 or lower; seemingly dead, the Huhuotli may resume activity when hit points have regenerated back above 0. The Red Gaze of a Huhuotl plunges its victim into a killing rage, in which he may attack friends as well as his enemy. If faced with a particularly worthy opponent, the Huhuotl may draw its victim into extremely close quarters, then attempt to attach one of its sucker-mouthed tentacles to his/her throat, simultaneously draining 1D4 hit points of blood per round and injecting a small amount of its own ichor into the bloodstream. Without a complete blood transfusion within 4 hours, the victim’s blood becomes commingled with the Huhuotli ichor, and will not allow itself to be removed without killing the host.

The infected victim receives all of the physical benefits of the Huhuotl, but also the limitations. The infected person is physically unable to attack Huhuotl, and subject to bouts of homicidal mania which cost the infected victim 1D10 sanity points each day until permanently insane. The infected becomes possessed by a compulsion to hunt human beings and collect heads as trophies. Blood transfusions and other scientific techniques have no effect on the taint, as the ichor of the Huhuotl actively transports throughout its host’s bloodstream with a semi-sentient quality that renders all nonmagical treatments useless. Once the infected victim’s sanity reaches 0, they are consumed with an irresistible desire to remove their own head and accept a Spawn of Hali as its successor.

Huhuotl, The Red Spirits
Dice Average
STR 3D6+12 22-23
CON 3D6+10 20-21
SIZ 2D6+10 17-18
INT 3D6+6 16-17
POW 3D6+12 22-23
DEX 2D6+10 17-18
Hit Pts. 18-19
Av. Dam. Bonus– +2D6
Move– 16
Attacks per round: 2
Weapons– Obsidian-Bladed Battle Axe 45%, damage 1D12+dam. bonus+ special*
Cranial Tentacle 50%, damage 1D4+blood infection. Red Gaze POW vs. POW, damage special*
*-Anyone who survives a blow from the axe continues to bleed from the gaping wound at the rate of 1 hit pt. per round until First Aid is applied.
**- This attack occurs only when a Spawn’s host body has been reduced to 0; the victim is injected with the ichor of the Huhuotl, and immediately loses 1D20 sanity points, and must make a POW vs. POW struggle on the Resistance Table. If the victim fails, he becomes a new host for the Spawn, forfeiting his own life.

***- Target of the Huhuotl’s evil eye succumbs to a berserker rage, attacking and killing at random, using any hand-to-hand weapon or his own fists, with a STR bonus of +1D4. Assign each combatant in the area a number and roll to decide whom he attacks. Target may roll each round to break the trance. Each round, there is a cumulative 10% chance that the target turns his attacks upon himself, using the nearest available means to end his own life.
Berserker rages cost the target 1D8 sanity points.
Armor- Minimum damage from impaling weapons; half-damage from edged weapons; regenerates damage at 5 hit pts. per round.

Spells- Call/Dismiss Hastur, Contact Tsathoggua, Contact Mi-Go, Create Gate, Summon/Bind Byakhee

Sanity Loss: Seeing a Huhuotl costs 1/1D8 sanity points.

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