Demiurge of Daoloth

Servitor of Daoloth, Render of the Veils; Creator & Destroyer of Universes.

Demiurge of Daoloth
Demiurge of Daoloth by Jaden Hansen

A unique artifact/servitor which accomplished wizards may use to rewrite reality to suit their desires. Originally devised by an ancient Greek mystery cult, the Demiurge typically appears as a grotesque idol in the form of a young child, but if shattered, it emerges in its far more formidable final form.

The Demiurge is created by entombing a nameless, deformed human newborn in a plaster shell and giving it a secret name, known only to the creator. Actually a terrestrial host for a cunning and malign intelligence from Outside, the Demiurge acts as a familiar, enabling the wholesale and retroactive warping of reality (actually the creation of an unstable bubble reality which persists only so long as the wizard maintains it by sheer force of will and expenditure of magic points). To burst the bubble reality and restore reality to its previous state, the investigators must destroy the Demiurge or acquire its true name and wrest control of the Demiurge from its owner in a battle of wills (POW vs. POW).

If this is accomplished, the investigator may foil the wizard’s plot, but the Demiurge will work aggressively to seduce its master to use its powers. Wouldn’t they like to live in a better world? Wouldn’t they be happier in a reality that hewed closer to their ideals and appetites? No alteration is beyond its grasp, though the further the investigator is seduced into using its powers, will make even the most cautious master its unwitting dupe in the creation of warped, cancerous false realities.

Demiurge of Daoloth, Miniature Form

STR n/a  DEX n/a  INT 3D6+6

CON n/a  POW 3D6+12 SIZ 1D4+3

Hit Pt. 7 Move n/a

Attacks– None, but may communicate misleadingly and cast spells to hinder the investigators and defend itself.

Armor– None, but all attacks against it must be critical successes to damage the idol. 

Spells– Contact Daoloth, Contact Nyarlathotep, Create Gate, Create Limbo Gate, Create Scrying Window, Create Time Warp, Deflect Harm, Excommunication, Power Drain, Shriveling, Summon/Bind Dimensional Shambler, Summon/Bind Hunting Horror.

In miniature form, the Demiurge appears as a life-sized sculpture of a cherubic boy with a monstrous, deformed cranium, cauled face and a vertical slit in his belly. When a Demiurge’s Hit Points are reduced to zero, the statue shatters, releasing a quivering, horribly warped human fetus that throbs and pulsates, expanding almost instantly to its true form.

In its final incarnation, the Demiurge is a gigantic, shapeless mass of mephitic unborn tissue, obscured by distorted reflections of alternate realities, so every gesture spawns a myriad of ghost-limbs, which give it 1D4 chances to hit with every attack. Make this as aggravating as possible for the investigator, as each sigh of relief with a missed attack is cut off by reality seeming to rewind until the Demiurge gets its desired outcome. 

Demiurge of Daoloth, True Form

STR 3D8+6  DEX 3D6+3  INT 3D6+6

CON 3D6+12  POW 3D6+12  SIZ 3D6+6

Move 11

STR Bonus +2D6

Weapon Attk% Damage

Claw 45% 1D8+STR Bonus

Grapple 35% none, but automatic Bite next round.

Bite 100% 1D10+2+Special; see below.

Armor– 4 pts. mucous membrane.

Spells– Same as above.

SAN Loss– 1D10 if failed, 1D4 if successful.

Special– The Demiurge’s saliva paralyses its victims so that it may swallow them whole the next round. If the victim is swallowed whole, he may still be cut out of the Demiurge’s abdomen if he is killed within 1D6 combat rounds. If saved, the victim’s paralysis fades away within forty-eight hours, but all DEX-based skills are performed at -10% permanently.

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