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The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

Book cover featuring silver embossed tenticaled things, looks to be an ancient grimoire

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

I was immediately deeply impressed with the cover art. It is complex and stunningly beautiful. This will look great on a retailer’s shelf and, subsequently, on the gaming table. The interior art maintains this level of quality.

The layout is clean and concise, without the unnecessary clutter some publications have in an effort to look cool. I need a reference book to make it easy to reference the material, and this book delivers. The chapter headers and the topic headers and sub-headers are very easy to distinguish and the font is elegant. The chapter title pages also have simulated “big red bookmark ribbons” which I think look really cool. Continue reading »

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Ink and Blood

Ink and Blood
Thursday, March 15th 1934

Regarding Handouts

Many handouts are not in the order in which they are needed, largely due to the author’s
lack of computer sophistication. Once they are clipped, it should be easy enough to organize them. Also, note that much of the correspondence has two versions, depending on when the Investigators find them.

Character Creation

At least one Investigator should be a police detective or something similar, and at least one associated with Professor Henry Armitage, the head librarian at Miskatonic University’s Orne Library. The Investigators may or may not know one another prior to the campaign, at the Keeper’s discretion.
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Terrible Truth

I knew the risks, some of them at least. I understood that the molds and fungi in the deep and secret chamber exuded a foul and toxic essence. I knew the understanding of these truths could make one mad, or worse.

Still, my hunger for knowledge, and I admit to a thirst for power, drove me forward. I put match to wick and adjusted the lantern.

Gently, and with trepidation, I opened the cover of the ancient and crumbling tome: a tingling sensation slipped into my thumb and coursed through my body. I began to read. These truths should have seemed fancy, but were undeniable as they burned into my mind and spirit.

My back arched, straining as if my spine might snap. I felt an enormous consciousness force itself into mine. I could form no words of my own, but issuing from my tortured mouth was a torrent of grating and sibilant consonants. “Gk sthqb pdgkkz sstsk!”

It was then I knew the terrible truth. I had lost all control of my vowels.

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Dead of Night: A One-Round GURPS Call of Cthulhu Scenario

Dead of Night
GM’s Background

This adventure can take place in any town of the GM’s choosing. It can be set in most time periods.

A colony of ghouls is operating out of a local graveyard on the property of Saint Joseph’s Catholic church. They have no particular animosity toward the townspeople, but this will change if they are provoked. They are a literate group and are primarily interested in access to the local public and university libraries. They also enjoy many of the same items as humans.

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A Curiosity: A One-Round Gaslight Adventure For Call Of Cthulhu 6th ed.

A Curiosity
March 10th 1870

Keeper’s Background

Three years ago Alfred Philbrick, who has been somewhat shunned by his upper class peers for his occult activities, purchased a house built over Wookey Hole Cave, a location long believed to be a locus of supernatural activity. He has invited the Investigators (three of whom are his peers and share his interest in the occult, the other three being servants of Philbrick’s friends) to a dinner party where he promises to show them “a curiosity.”

“Curiosities” were spectacles displayed and enjoyed by the upper crust of Victorian England and generally had occult overtones, as things occult and mystical were very much in vogue at the time.

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Trail of the Mummy: An Introductory Adventure For Trail Of Cthulhu

Trail of the Mummy
Wednesday, 28 March, 1934

Player’s Information

The traveling exhibit of a mummy arrived in Chicago for a two week showing, beginning Tuesday the 13th of March until Tuesday the 27th of March, 1934. This was the body of Akh (Axe), a lesser known priestess of Isis.

At 5:00 am on Wednesday the 28th, head curator Miles Jennings arrived at work to supervise the dismantling and shipping of the exhibit. He was shocked to find the bloody remains of Klaus Huntsman: the night watchman and custodian. He also discovered that the mummy had been stolen. Mr. Jennings has asked the Investigators to look into the matter, hoping to delay the attention of both police and press for fear of scandal.

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Dreamlands Music

I think this is excellent background music for the Dreamlands.

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To Survive

I wish to escape
I have shot you in the leg
Nothing Personal

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Flora or Fauna

I see a Dark Young,
Oh, I thought it was a tree,
Alas Sanity

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Eater of Luck: Lesser Independant Race

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This creature doesn’t have art yet. You can help and possibly even win cool prizes by making the art yourself! Click here to find out more

It took effect that’s for sure. Next week, this awful lookin’ little bastard showed up. Followed me everywhere, mumbling a bunch of crap nobody could understand. Even when I ditched him, he’d just show back up. My gambling luck went to hell, I’d slip and fall, and getting a date? Shit. People around me too. Lock their keys in the car, burn themselves lightin’ a cigarette, cut themselves cooking. One time I took my shotgun and blasted its arm off, thank God mine stayed on. Next day, there he was.

Finally, we went to see the witch. We’d done business with her once before when we was desperate, the worst and only time you’d try such a thing. She wasn’t no wrinkled old hag livin’ in a swamp neither, had a real fancy apartment in the city. She looked damn fine, too; don’t know if that was real or not and I don’t much give a damn.

She did her thing and the little asshole was just gone, never seen him since. She didn’t ask for nothing, up front, but we knew she’d call in the favor. Based on the first time, we knew whatever that was, it wasn’t gonna be good.

–Earl West, shotgun man for the Society of The Oath-Bound.

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