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Review: Cooking With Lovecraft

It seems inevitable that such a book would eventually come along, and it has. There have been
others in the same vein, but this one provides actual recipes, made with wholesome ingredients,
which are good to eat.

Possibly the most entertaining part of this book, is the intermingling of the descriptions of ingredients and processes with Mythos-ian imagery. Continue reading »

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Night Lord, Unique Entity

“Though I had mayde the pact with the Lorde of the Great Abyss and knew this being would visit, I could not have been prepared for its majesty. Its skin all over midnight black, it towered over me, wielding the great trident. In my mind was spoken a demand for the reason I had summoned it.”

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Converting to 7th Edition Rules

I have written a ton of stuff for my home game and convention scenarios over the years prior to 7th ed. Due to this I still write in 6th ed language, which I realize confuses those who came on board after the onset of 7th ed. Welcome aboard, by the way.

While I realize I should convert, which I shall eventually, there is a handy conversion guide on p. 390 of the 7th ed. rulebook.

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Fly Man: Unique Entity (aka The Fly God, Mr. Swarm)

“As I stared into the open mass grave–filled with our men, women and children–my despair overcame the revulsion of the horrific stench. Slowly, my despair devolved into seething rage and a desperate need for justice. God had turned his back on us, so I called out into the universe for any who would provide retribution. The thousands of flies which crawled upon our people swarmed upward, swirling into a black mass which settled into the form of a man from whom I felt an ancient and terrible consciousness. My initial horror slowly bled into a sick form of worship as I realized this being, this god, would gratify my lust for vengeance.”

Fly man will manifest only in the presence of someone who is in blind rage of unjust, large scale killing and of the dead themselves, who must be swarming with flies.

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Mr. Grits: Unique Entity

“Me and Luke was out checkin’ our mud bug traps and I heered splashin’ comin’ toward me.  Luke started screamin’ sumpin’ awful.  I looked over and there he was, all white in the moonlight and his skin wrigglin’.  It was Missa Grits alright. Poor ol’ Luke tried to run and slipped.  Missa Grits grabbed ‘im up and just kinda melted all over ‘im.  I ain’t never been so scared in all my life. I turn and run, got to the truck and drove like hell outta there.”

Mr. Grits is a manifestation of the rage, fear and torment of all who have been raped, tortured and murdered in the local swamps, or who have been killed elsewhere and dumped here.

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October 13th: Weeping Grandchild: A Taint of Shub-Niggurath

The boy was naked and shivering. He said he was lost and wanted to find his family. I moved closer to help him and, as he reached toward me, I saw that his spine was rooted directly into the base of the huge and twisted tree. His eyes darkened and his mouth split into a gruesome smile of spiked teeth. A cold, black and bitter-tasting rain began to fall, running down my face into my mouth.”

–“D,” agent of the Top Secret Project Catalyst, whereabouts undisclosed.

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Keeper, please ignore the “Income” section on the back of the character sheets. Assume they have the funds to cover ordinary expenses.

A weapons PDF is included, as the Investigators will no doubt want some. Allow them to buy anything legal and reasonable, and possibly some dynamite of course.

The scenes in this scenario are not necessarily in order. They occur as per Investigator actions.

As with all scenarios, please read this two or three times before running it in order to familiarize yourself with it. Continue reading »

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The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

Book cover featuring silver embossed tenticaled things, looks to be an ancient grimoire

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

I was immediately deeply impressed with the cover art. It is complex and stunningly beautiful. This will look great on a retailer’s shelf and, subsequently, on the gaming table. The interior art maintains this level of quality.

The layout is clean and concise, without the unnecessary clutter some publications have in an effort to look cool. I need a reference book to make it easy to reference the material, and this book delivers. The chapter headers and the topic headers and sub-headers are very easy to distinguish and the font is elegant. The chapter title pages also have simulated “big red bookmark ribbons” which I think look really cool. Continue reading »

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Ink and Blood

Ink and Blood
Thursday, March 15th 1934

Regarding Handouts

Many handouts are not in the order in which they are needed, largely due to the author’s
lack of computer sophistication. Once they are clipped, it should be easy enough to organize them. Also, note that much of the correspondence has two versions, depending on when the Investigators find them.

Character Creation

At least one Investigator should be a police detective or something similar, and at least one associated with Professor Henry Armitage, the head librarian at Miskatonic University’s Orne Library. The Investigators may or may not know one another prior to the campaign, at the Keeper’s discretion.
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Terrible Truth

I knew the risks, some of them at least. I understood that the molds and fungi in the deep and secret chamber exuded a foul and toxic essence. I knew the understanding of these truths could make one mad, or worse.

Still, my hunger for knowledge, and I admit to a thirst for power, drove me forward. I put match to wick and adjusted the lantern.

Gently, and with trepidation, I opened the cover of the ancient and crumbling tome: a tingling sensation slipped into my thumb and coursed through my body. I began to read. These truths should have seemed fancy, but were undeniable as they burned into my mind and spirit.

My back arched, straining as if my spine might snap. I felt an enormous consciousness force itself into mine. I could form no words of my own, but issuing from my tortured mouth was a torrent of grating and sibilant consonants. “Gk sthqb pdgkkz sstsk!”

It was then I knew the terrible truth. I had lost all control of my vowels.

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