Octobernomicon, Oct 22: Imperfects

“…Marinus Bicknell Willet was sorry that he looked again; for surgeon and veteran of the dissecting-room though he was, he has not been the same since. It is hard to explain just how a single sight of a tangible object with measurable dimensions could so shake and change a man; and we may only say there is about certain outlines and entities a power of symbolism and suggestion which acts frightfully on a sensitive thinker’s perspective…”
— HP Lovecraft, the Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Imperfects, Lesser Servitor Race

These are pitiful beings, the result of a Resurrection spell performed without the completely “essential salts” necessary. They are malformed and incomplete creatures, and near impossible to identify as either human or animal. Though they have no need to eat, they feel hunger strongly as you or I, preferring warm blood and raw meat. Though they have no need to eat, they feel hunger strongly as you or I, preferring warm blood and raw meat. When a living soul approaches, they call out excitedly. However, they can only communicate in sorrowful moans and excited yelps. The resurrection process has left their minds as twisted and incomplete as their bodies; each is invariably insane. There is no telling what they would do if they got their deformed claws on a human.

One must not think every Imperfect is an accident. Some sorcerers will purposefully create Imperfects from the salts of long dead enemies, as a punishment worse than death.

Each Imperfect is unique, their appearance restricted only by the fertile imagination of the Keeper.

Imperfects, Wretched Resurrected

Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – 3d6 – 10-11
CON – 3d6 – 10-11
SIZ – 2d6+6 – 13
INT – 1d6 – 3-4
POW – 3d6 – 10-11
DEX – 3d6 – 10-11

Mov 5 – HP 11

Av. Damage Bonus: +0

Ripping Claws 35%, damage 1d6 + db
Bite 35%, damage 1d4 + special*
*At Keeper’s discretion, some particularly nasty Imperfects may be rife with disease, which can be transferred to an unfortunate investigator through a bite attack.

Armor: None; Imperfects are effectively immortal, their lives ending only through violence. Impaling weapons do only 1 point of damage, all other weapons do damage as normal. Even when reduced to 0 HP, an Imperfect will be capable of some movement. It must be hacked to pieces, dissolved in acid, or returned back to its salts in order to be completely destroyed.

Spells: None
Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see a Martin’s Beach Monster.

Sanity Loss: 1d10/1d20 to see an Imperfect.

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