Octobernomicon, Oct 21: The Martin’s Beach Monster

“The object was some fifty feet in length, of roughly cylindrical shape, and about teen feet in diameter. It was unmistakably a gilled fish in its major affiliation; but with certain curious modifications, such as rudimentary forelegs and six-toed feet in pace of pectoral fins, which prompted the widest speculation. Its extraordinary mouth, its thick and scaly hide, and its single, deep-set eye were wonders scarcely less remarkable than its colossal dimensions…”
— HP Lovecraft and Sonia H. Green, the Horror at Martin’s Beach.

The Martin’s Beach Monster, Greater Independent Race

The above describes only an infant creature, perhaps only weeks old. Certainly, the things that spawned such a creature are far more immense. Nothing is known of the creatures, but the horror that transpired at Martin’s Beach can give us some indications. They seem to be protective of their young, and carry a strong sense of vengeance against those who have wronged them. With an ability to command violent storms, and to hypnotize humans, it seems that a single monster could destroy an entire fleet, or a seaside community, if it so desired.

The encounter with the Alma, and the incident at Martin’s Beach are the only known times in history any humans have encountered the monsters. This may be because they are primarily found in deepest parts of the ocean floor and darkest trenches. They are also probably exceedingly rare; how could the oceans sustain such monsters if they were not?

Attacks and Special Effects: Hypnotize. Spending 1 magic point, the Monster can hypnotize a target. The target becomes frozen in place, except for a bobbing and weaving, as if dancing to inaudible music. The target may not resist this attack, and is enthralled until released by the Monster. This is how the Monster pulled its victims into the sea at Martin’s Beach.

Call Storm. By spending 1 magic point, the Monster can call up a powerful storm, on the level of a category one hurricane. The storm lasts 10 minutes per magic point spent.

The Martin Beach Monsters can also make one bite attack or claw attack per round.

Martins Beach Monster, Titanic Horrors

Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – 3d6x5 – 52-53
CON – 2d6x5 – 35
SIZ – 3d6x5 – 52-53
INT – 4d6 – 14
POW – 4d6+6 – 20
DEX – 3d6 – 10-11

Mov 20 Swimming – HP 44

Av. Damage Bonus: +5d6

Bite 45%, damage swallowed + death
Stab 45%, damage 4d6 + db

Armor: None

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see a Martin’s Beach Monster.

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