Octobernomicon, Oct 23: Custodes

“…he approached to study them with his electric light. But when he saw what they were he shrank away shuddering…”
— HP Lovecraft, the Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Custodes, Lesser Servitor Race

Custodes are servants of sorcerers, called up from the void to act as guardians and soldiers. They are never fully described, but they must be gruesome; a simple carving of such a creature was enough to give a viewer fits of loathing. They are imperfect servants at best. Custodes are so stupidly ravenous, they will eat anything if not feed almost constantly. This includes a sorcerer’s human servants, other Custodes, and even the flesh from their own bones. They find the contents of the skull to be their favorite meal. Being imperfect guardians, sorcerers most often use the Custodes are shock guards, to overwhelm and strike terror into enemies.

Many sorcerers, such as Joseph Curwen, reduce the Custodes to their essential salts, resurrecting and employing them only when absolutely necessary. This seems to be the best method to control the entities, and it may be the spell required to summon the Custodes is too involved or draining to perform in a moment’s notice.

Attacks and Special Effects: Rip Off Head. Being their favorite meals, Custodes have become expert at ripping off a victim’s head. Death is instant. Removing the head, a Custode will fall to the ground, gnawing upon it, and ignoring everything else for 1d4 rounds.

Custodes, Ravenous Servants.

Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – 4d6 – 14
CON – 3d6 – 10-11
SIZ – 3d6+3 – 13-14
INT – 2d6 – 7
POW – 3d6 – 10-11
DEX – 3d6+3 – 13-14

Mov 5 – HP 13

Av. Damage Bonus: +1d4

Rip Off Head 35%, damage death
Claws 35%, damage 1d6 + db

Armor: Due to interdimensional muck and muscle, all mundane weapons due minimum damage.

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1d6/2d6 to see a Custode.

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