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The Bruce Report #8.  In this issue we have:  Mystery epidemic rash; mothman
news; women become redundant; Welcome our primate overlords; More Indiana mystery beast news; Toad-Fish with a taste for
people-meat; evil spirits causing auto-accidents; Delphi Priestesses getting high; ghost huntings; teleportation becoming
possible; giant killer planets; new feature: website of the week!

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PA Student Rash Probed

One hundred students at two schools in Pennsylvania have contracted a mysterious rash.  Fortunately, none of the students
have suffered any serious illness.  So far, no cause is known, though some suspect it may be cleaning agents at the schools.

Monkey Moves Mouse Cursor With Thoughts Alone

Great.  Just freaking great.  This is the beginning to every other apocalyptic end-of-humanity movie I’ve ever seen.

Indiana Creature

Indiana “Thing”: It’s A Sloth!  It’s An Emu!

Anthropologist Doubts Creature Is A Bear

Last week the Bruce Report brought you several stories about a mysterious creature sighted in Indiana.  The story continues
to get coverage, some claiming it’s a giant sloth, others a bear, or the exotic and rare sloth-bear

Hungry Toad Keeps Fishermen On Their Toes

In Australia, officials are warning fishers and boaters to be on a look out for a giant toad-fish, which has decided it likes
humans.  The aggressive fish will even beach itself momentarily trying to eat the toes or feet of people.

The Woman Who Haunts Ghosts

A biographical article about Sheila St. Claire, paranormal investigator, and self professed psychic.  The article details her
life, beliefs, and some of the strange incidents she has investigated.

Gathering Ghosts In Wytheville, WV

An article on LB Taylor, who collects stories of ghosts in Virginia, filling six volumes with his stories, along with other books.
 Taylor does not necessarily believe the stories, but wants to preserve them for future generations

Apollo Theatre’s Scary Memories

Detailing the hauntings that have been investigated in Martinburg, WV’s Apollo theatre.

Teleporting Objects Possible?

“Quantum entanglement is the bizarre property that allows two particles to behave as one, no matter how far apart they are.
If you measure the state of one particle, you instantly determine the state of the other. This could one day allow us to teleport
objects by transferring their properties instantly from one place to another.'”

Two in Mass. Sect Jailed In Hunt For Their Baby

A couple belonging to a religious sect called the Body have been jailed as authorities search for their “missing” baby.
 The Body believes in faith-healing over modern medicine and the couple jailed, the Corneaus’, had another child die in 1999,
along with another sect child, of starvation.  The baby is only technically missing, there is a dispute if the child was ever
born, the authorities claiming they do not believe Mrs. Corneaus had a miscarriage.  

Faults Suggest High Calling For Delphi Priestess

For a century, scientists believed the famed Oracles at Delphi were liars who deceived the Greeks.  But researchers from the
University of Louisville, and University of Connecticut has found that the Temple of Delphi was built on crisscrossing faults,
which released ethylene, a hydrocarbon gas.  Intoxication on ethylene can cause one to come up with incoherent rants, which
could be misinterpreted as prophecy.  

Politician Asks Monks To Drive Out Ancient Spirits

A Thai politician has asked monks to exorcise a spot called “100 corspes highway” where it is believed that evil spirits
cause car-accidents

Artificial Womb Created,6903,648024,00.html

For years, we men have had to put up with women telling us we are redundant since there are technologies that can combine two ova
to create life.  Now it’s our turn to tell the jokes.  

Why Look For A Killer Planet, When You Already Know It’s Coming?

Last week we brought you an article about the belief a giant planet is coming from beyond the Keiper Belt, that could spell
disaster for Earth.  This article, by the same folks, claims the US government knows it is out there, and heading our way.

Mothman News:

Childhood Memories Of Mothman

Return of the Mothman

Mothman Prophecies Author Hometown

Cows Vanish In Eagle County, CO

“Deputies Vow To Solve Bovine Mystery One Way Or The Udder”  I don’t make this stuff up folks, I just report on it.

Website of the Week

This one gave me a start.  I won’t ruin it for anyone, but pregnant women and those with heart conditions maybe should avoid
this one.

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