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The Bruce Report #9.  This week we have:  Skeptics Among Conspiracy Theorists; Hitler’s Bloodline Ends; Insanity Over
Nazi Cup; Area 51 Moves to Maine; New Frog Species; More Kokomo Hum; Dead Woman Returns, Then Dies Again; Something is Upsetting
Satellites and Comets; Mutilitated Cats; More Mysterious Rash; Background on “Muti-Killings”; Majestic 12 Assassinates
JFK; Lake Monsters and Vampires; and website of the week!

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The Last of the Hitlers,5936,3734785%255E912,00.html

The last living relatives of Adolf Hitler, all brothers living in the United States, have entered into a pact not to have any
children, thus ending the bloodline.

Man Holds Dog Hostage For Nazi Artifact

A man who had given away a silver chalice from Nazi German, takes the new owner’s dog hostage in order to get it back.  When
he had given it away, the man had not known the true value of the chalice, valued at 2 million pounds.  The chalice is
believed to have once been the property of Hermann Goering.

Area 51 In Maine?

A website ( claims that the government has moved it’s projects at Area 51, to Lisbon Falls, a small town
in Maine.  The residents have not reported anything strange or unusual, and the writers of the article find that is a mystery of it’s own.

Strange Frog Discovered Near Pak-Afghan Border

A bizarre new species of frog has been discovered in Pakistan.  Unlike all other species of animals, this frog has three sets
of chromosones, instead of two.  The frog also lives in severe draught conditions, unusual for a frog.

The Kokomo Hum

The Bruce Report first covered this in an earlier edition.  Now ABC News has picked up on the mysterious low-frequency hum,
which Indiana residents claim is making them ill.  This article also covers other such “hums” blamed for illness in
other parts of the world.

Woman Wakes Up In Body-Bag  

A medical examiner got the shock of his life when an elderly woman, who was mistaken for dead, suddenly awoke in her body-bag last
weekend.  The woman has since died, but an investigation is underway to determine how the woman was mistakenly pronounced

Something Is Perturbing Comet Orbits

This article covers theories that a large object in the Oort Cloud, a cloud of ice and debris which surrounds our Solar System, is
disturbing the orbits of comets.  It is thought that perhaps a brown dwarf star is shadowing our son, and responsible for the

Mysterious Force Holds Back NASA Space Probe

Pioneer 10, launched 30 years ago, and which left our solar system 18 years ago, is being slowed down by an unknown force.  Astronomers
are considering the possibility that they have discovered a new force of nature, since the effect shows no signs of weakening.
 Said one scientist: “We have examined every mechanism and theory we can think of and so far nothing works.”

Dozens of Cats Mutiliated in San Diego

Someone, or something, is brutally murdering cats in San Diego.  Some cats have been cut in half, while others have been
eviscerated, and all their internal organs removed.  So far, it is unknown who or what is murdering the cats.  WARNING:
This article contains a rather graphic photo.

Mysterious Rash Hits US Schools

First reported several weeks ago, a mysterious rash affecting school kids is now being reported coast to coast, causing the
temporarily shut down of some schools. Although it is unknown what is causing the rash, which is more annoying than harmful,
most symptoms disappear after the kids are removed from the school.

Backgrounds On Muti-Killings

This article delves into the world of Zulu “muti” magic, which some believe is the motive in the murder of a young
London boy.

The Monster of the Mere

Something, which has been reported to be the “size of a small car” is eating swans on a British lake.  The lake has
been left deserted by the swans, which used to roost there in the thousands.

Vampire Attacks Increase In Colombian Capitol

Police in Bogota are investigating reports that a gang of vampires are stopping people at gunpoint, and forcing them to give up
blood.  Police believe there may be as many as 50 vampires, and some may be responsible for a string of unsolved murders.

Jesuit Manuscript May Hold Key to El Dorado,,3-205780,00.html

“A Polish explorer who sets off next week in search of El Dorado, the fabled city of gold in South America, says that he has
located it using a 16th-century Jesuit manuscript from the Vatican archive”

Jurrasic Library

Are the infamous Ica Stone, which supposedly show humans and dinosaurs interacting, and ancient surgery, an ancient key to
humanity’s hidden past, or are they a modern hoax?

Conspire This!

A Skeptical Inquirer review of a California conspiracy convention, it’s speakers, and their ideas — ranging from Nazi ties
to MK-Ultra, the Bush’s being a cabal of Serpent Men, and the Rockefeller’s tainting vaccines.

JFK and MJ-12

A discussion with Jim Marrs (author of Crossfire and Alien Agenda), on Majestic-12, Outer-Space, and the JFK

Website of the Week:

Utah UFO Hunters

Since Utah is currently hosting the Olympics, Utah UFO Hunters gets the honors as Bruce Report website of the week (I can hear
them cheering now…no really I can…).  This website not only covers UFO sightings in Utah, but runs the entire gambit of
strange and paranormal of the state, from cattle mutiliations, bigfoot and other assorted creatures.  Check it out.

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