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The Bruce Report #7.  Links to articles and websites that may be of interest to Call
of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone interested in the paranormal.

This week we have: Busy Week For Satan; Possible Necrophilia; Rogue Planet Threatening Earth; Phantom Panther; Bigfoot In Indiana
and Florida; Human Evolution Ending; A Mothman Haunting; Dead Dolphins; and Yes Virginia, Vampires Do Exist.  

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Murder Spotlights Rise In Satanism

Britain’s Satanic Underground,3604,642873,00.html

German Satanists Jailed,3604,642871,00.html

According to experts, the Ruda’s, a German couple convicted of murder last week, have become cult figures on the internet.  This,
they claim, is part of a rise in Satanism across the United States, Britain, and Germany.  In Germany alone, it is believed
there may be upwards of at least 7,000 Satanists.  Manuela Radu claims she came to Britain, where she met many vampires and
Satanists.  Estimates on the number in Britain ranges from 100 to several thousand, depending on who is asked.  There
are accusations of sacrifice and child molestation, but these have been found to be baseless at best.

Man Kills Mother After Making Pact With Devil

Apparently frustrated over the size of his penis, a man killed his mother in a pact with the Devil.  The man claims he met
Satan in a cemetery (apparently a popular hang-out for those anguished over size), who was on a lay over from a recent stay in
Germany (see above stories).  During his arrest, the man threatened police officers, saying “he could kill them with one
look or dissolve their bodies with his saliva.”  Fortunately, he did not follow through with the threat, and none of the
officers were harmed.  

Indiana Mystery Creature Baffles Residents

An apparently shy, reclusive creature has been spotted just south of Bloomington IN, in Monroe County, near the Hoosier National
Forest.  Witnesses describe the creature as “about 5 or 6 feet tall, hairy, and weighs more than 200 pounds.”
 Experts are not sure what the creature is, one claiming it may be an exotic species of bear, but one witness claims it
appears more “apelike”.  This is not the first time such a creature has been seen, a something similar was spotted
in the same area, a decade earlier.  

Florida’s Hairy Ape

A creature similar to Bigfoot is said to haunt the Florida Everglades.  Because of it’s terrible smell, it has been coined
the “Skunk Ape”.  A bill to grant the skunk ape federal protection was submitted to committee in 1977, and
recently, photographs have turned up which supposedly show the reclusive ape.  

Fictional Theory Set To Bite the Dust

Jon Downs, with the Exeter Strange Phenomena Group, believes that vampiric entities to exist, but not as imagined by Anne Rich,
Bram Stoker, or Joss Whedon.  He says that many vampires exist as animals, and points to a 1978 incident in which zoo animals
were slaughtered and drained of blood as proof.

Is Human Evolution Over?,6903,644002,00.html

A recent study has suggested that Western Civilization, with our advancements in technology, has made it impossible for humans to
evolve past this point.

Goat Girl Confronted By Panther

A 15 year old Welsh girl claims she came face to face with a large black cat.  It made as if to pounce on her three pet
goats, but instead rose, and slunk back into the shadows.  Interesting how this case seems to mirror “black dog”
sightings which seem to haunt the British country-side.

Strange Happenings

Loren Coleman, cryptozoologist, and mothman researcher, details some of the bizarre events which have plagued him and others who
have dealt with the mothman in recent weeks.  He also briefly describes some of the hidden “in-jokes” and meanings
in the movie.

Man Sleeps With Dead Lover For 45 Days

After fatally shooting his lover in the head, a Chilean man kept the body in his bed for at least 45 days.  The dead man’s
sister became suspicious after being told her brother had moved away, and called the police, who found the corpse in “an
advanced state of decomposition..”.

350 Dead Dolphins Found On English Channel Shores

300 alone have washed up on French shores in the past 10 days.

Planet X Threatens Earth?

This is an examination of theories and recent evidence that suggests a giant planet may lurk inside the Keiper Belt, but with an
orbit that brings it very close to Earth.  The theory suggests that a Planet X fly-by 65 million years ago killed off the
dinosaurs, and that another fly-by is due soon.  Fans of Ramsey Campbell may be reminded of his Great Old One/Planet Ghroth.

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