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The Bruce Report #6.  Links to
articles and websites that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or
anyone interested in the paranormal.

This week we have:  Ritual Killing In Britian; A Rain of Dead Birds; Big Cat
Sightings in Britian; Life and Times of An Occult Investigator; Strange Humming
in Kokomo; Alien Hoax on the Internet; Strange Condition Turns Flesh to Wood;
Siberia Under the Curse of a God?; Tiger-Man Image in Japanese Cave; And Occult
Hijinks of the Rich and Famous.

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Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect
the view of the editor.

The Damned

James Webb was a sceptical investigator of the occult, writing several books on
the subject during the 1970s.  Webb began to suffer from terrifying delusions
and paranoia, involving Freemasons and a warped perception of time.  Webb
finally found peace at the end of a shotgun in May, 1980.  Did Webb suffer from
paranoid schizophrenia, aggravated by a unfulfilling marriage, or did he stumble
upon an occult truth that shattered his sanity?

Hundreds of Dead Birds Rain On Town

The federal government has poisoned starlings in southern Illinois, in effort to
protect people and livestock from disease in the birds droppings.  So many birds
have been poisoned, children cannot go out to play in some neighborhoods,
because of all the dead birds.

Ritual Killing In the UK

The body of a boy found in the River Thames is now believed to be the victim of
a ritual killing.  A killing of this type, known to be practiced in South
Africa, is a first in the United Kingdom.  It is believed the boy was murdered
for his organs, which the murderer may believe can be used in magic rituals.

Phony Alien Photo Floats the Net

A photograph of a supposed alien is circulating around in email. The alien in
the photo, a classic “grey” alien, is clearly a fake, and may be purchased at an
online costume/prop shop.

Doctors Baffled By Skin Disease Linked to Kidney Problems

49 people in Europe and the US, all with kidney disease, have developed a
strange skin disease, that makes skin hard and tight, they are unable to use
their extremities, some requiring the use of a wheelchair to move.  Said one
person from the CDC: “”Their skin feels like wood……”You knock on it, and it
sounds like you’re knocking on wood. Their skin’s so tight and taut and thick
that they can’t extend their extremities anymore.”

Big Cat Sightings Continue to Grow

438 sightings of large “phantom” cats were reported in Great Britain last year.
31 counties have reported attacks, including one on a horse, by these large
cats, which some suspect may be pumas, or a “hybrid species”.  A citizen-based
organization has been formed, the British Big Cat Society, to investigate these

Is Siberia Supernaturally Cold?

At Lake Baikal, home of the indigenous Buryat people, is Olkhon Island, sacred
to the Buryat, and home to old, angry gods.  The Buryat believe the gods told
them to build nothing in sight of Olkhon Island, but the Communists built a
village nearby.  The Buryat are a superstitious people, shamanism is still
practiced, for hospitals, schools, and families.  These Shamans (one with a
“cleft thumb”, that makes him marked by the gods), are now responsible for
trying to appease the angry gods of Olkhon.

Tiger-Man Image Found In Cave

An image of a human with a tiger-like head, believed to be part of the Chinese
Zodiac, may be the first ever found of the astrological calender in a tomb.  The
tomb itself dates back at least 1300 years, and is providing great insights into
the early spiritual beliefs of ancient Japan.  Reliefs of the Zodiac animals
have been found at sites in Korea, where it is believed they kept watch over
entombed rulers and nobility.

Strange Humming Noise Still Hasn’t Been Probed,news

For almost 3 years, residents in Kokomo, Indiana, have reported a strange, low
humming noise, that is causing many of them to have health-problems.  Despite
complaints, and the work of Senator Richard Luger’s office, no government agency
has stepped forward to investigate the noise.

Bohemian Groves’ Friends, Foes Dismiss Dark Claims

The recent of an arrest of a former marine, who tried to break into Bohemian
Grove with several weapons, has brought to light many of the claims of dark
rituals being performed at the club.  The club is a popular spot for the rich
and famous in the United States, many politicians and Presidents have attended
every year.  Many, including a radio talk-show out of Texas, claim that pagan
rituals, including human sacrifice, and child-molestation takes place there.
Residents from the area, and even those opposed to the club, dismiss such
claims, but the conspiracy theorists are undeterred.

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