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The Bruce Report #5.  Links to articles and websites that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone
interested in the paranormal.

This week we have: Satanic killers; horse and cattle mutilations; strange
creatures in Chile and the Philippines; A Mummy’s Curse; psychics spying
terrorists; rafts carrying skeletons; ancient human(?) structures under the sea;
and a rain of spider-like webs.  

See you in a week,

Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect
the view of the editor.  

Satanic Killers Tell of Ritual Blood Drinking

“Mrs Ruda told the court: “It was not murder. We are not murderers. It was the
execution of an order. Satan ordered us to. We had to comply. It was not
something bad. It simply had to be. We wanted to make sure that the victim
suffered well.”

Strange Creature Encountered In Chile

On Jan 12, two children in Chile, searching for an escaped pet snake.  They
instead find a very strange, luminescent monster.  One child runs away, while
the other is mesmerized, and drawn to it.  It is then claimed the creature spoke
telepathically with the young boy who was mesmerized.

Curse of the Pharaohs Strikes Again In Turin

Over the past 10 months, three young girls have suffered from sudden, and
inexplicable asphyxiation, when viewing a mummy in a Turin museum.  Two of the
girls complained of headaches, dizziness and extreme heat.  All are currently in
good condition, but the cause of the attacks is still unknown.

Psychic Ops

Psychics, among them one who claims she speaks to a three foot grey alien, claim
they have been contacted by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to help in their
investigations in the wake of September 11.  At the risk of sounding cycnical, I
wonder if they have asked: “You’re psychic huh?  Where were you on September

Reports of Strange Objects Flood 911 Operators

On January 3, residents in Brevard County, Florida, were startled to find
numerous spider-web-like objects falling from the sky.  These were later found
to be the webs of Psciods, tiny insects normally invisible to the naked eye.

Undersea Site Off India May Be Over 9000 Years Old

The find, the oldest ever found off the coast of India, may belong to the
Harappan civilization, the oldest on the Indian subcontinent.  Research has been
difficult, because of strong undersea currents in the area.  Give anyone any

Skeleton-Carrying Rafts Wash Ashore South Pacific Islands

A total of 13 rafts, carrying human remains, have washed ashore the coast of the
Micronesian western state of Yap.  Although identification on one of the rafts
suggests the body onboard may be from Indonesia, speculation continues on where
the rest of the rafts may have originated from.

Horse Mutilation In Canada

Large, dark black creatures, types unheard of in tribal folklore, are being
sighted by Aeta tribes-people in the Philippines.  The creatures are never fully
seen, but portions seen have measured 7 feet long, and 3 feet wide.  Fearing the
unknown creatures, fishermen have stopped fishing the river where the creatures
have been spotted, forcing tribal members to turn to frogs for protein.

Disturbing Cattle Mutilation

A rancher discovers a grisly mutilation of a cow and it’s unborn calf.

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