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Here it is, the Bruce Report, #2 These are links to articles and websites dealing with the strange, unusual, and supernatural, that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu players and Keepers.  

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Mythical Japanese Snake Monster Captured?

“The recent discovery of an unusual reptile in this small skiing town is being
touted by some as the first recorded capture of the mythical “tsuchinoko,” a
legendary snakelike creature first documented in the eighth century. The
creature was first mentioned in the “Kojiki,” a text from the eighth century
that is Japan’s oldest existing chronicle and the oldest book written in

Human Mutilation

Apparently, cattle are the only creatures that need to worry about being
mutilated.  Seems the aliens have gotten a bit tired of bovines, and moved to

The New Barbarians

With the fall of the Soviet Union, many have turned to old, pagan religions in
the former Empire.  Many of these cults have disturbing agendas.

Former Unbelievers Seeking Advice In the Psychic Realm

Since Sept 11, many who once scoffed at psychics are turning to them, looking
for some sort of certainty in world that suddenly seems very uncertain.

New Mexican Church To Burn Harry Potter

Here we go again.  The headline basically tells you what’s going on.  But
consider this for a moment.  What if agents of the Mythos were using a
children’s book to turn our kids to the worship of the Great Old Ones?

1978 UFO Appears In Art Over Thousands Of Years

A UFO, photographed originally in the 1970s, has been haunting humanity since
the beginning, appearing in cave art, Renaissance art, and modern photographs.

Shadow People
This has gotten a lot of press over the past year on the Art Bell show.  People
claim to have seen three-dimensional, standing shadows.  It is debated on what
things are, from ghosts, to demons, to another dimension bleeding through to

Shadow People Encounters

Shadow People Art

The Mothman
This monster from the 1970s has is about to make a new comeback, courtesy of a
major motion picture do to hit in late January 2002, starring Richard Gere.  The
Mothman has always been a personal favorite of mine, ever since hearing about it
in Kindergarten.  I couldn’t sleep for weeks after a 5th grader told me the
story.  It is very interesting, and frightening.

The Mothman Lives

2002: Year of the Mothman

The Point Pleasent Enigma

The Mothman Prophecies Official Website

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