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In this issue of the Bruce Report:
British MoD X-Files; Best Cryptologic Stories of 2001; Cattle Mutilations;
Unknown Creature Invades New Zealand Harbor; Witchcraft murders; Hindu
Sacrifices; Psycho Dog Packs; A Mothman Prophecies interview; and the remains of
King Midas’ throne.

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The MoD Guide to UFOs,,8-2002002525,00.html

This is for you Delta-Green and conspiracy fans.  The Times publishes in full, a
declassified, top secret Ministry of Defense report, from the 1950s.  The report
looked at UFO reports from around Britain, and considered their threat to
national security.

Deadly Harbor Invader Puzzles Marine Scientists

A hitherto unknown parasitic, sponge-like creature has invaded a harbor in New
Zealand.  Biologists are studying it’s potential as a very dangerous pest, since
it kills any life it attaches itself to.

Whispers of Witchcraft

Witch Charged In Death of Three Lovers

“The stories still haunt some relatives. One recently recalled a “magic spell”
that she believes led Norman Stribbling uncontrollably to scratch his face to
shreds. Another family member mentioned the black voodoo doll discovered among
Clarence Goode’s possessions after he was found dead. Court documents describe
an incantation caught on tape and “voodoo ritual materials” recovered from
Gray’s home last month.”
Wild Dogs Maul Joggers, Raid Zoo

Several packs of feral dogs are running loose in New York City.  They have
attacked joggers, killed several animals in a zoo, and disrupting funerals in a
cemetery.  Though no mentioned in the article, it is worth noting that New York
City has a very high population of coyotes.  Dog/Coyote hybrids are known to be
very aggressive.  

UPM archaeologist asserts that enigmatic ivory statuette may be part of the
throne of the famed King Midas

Top Cryptozoologic Stories of 2001

Around the end of the year, beginning of the new year, we are assailed with
lists.  Well, at least this one is interesting.  This article alone could give a
Keeper several nights of scenarios.

Mothman Prophecies/Loren Coleman Interview
Part 1

Part 2

Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist, has written several books, among them a new
one about the Mothman.  13th Street interviews him about the upcoming Mothman
Prophecies movie.

Police Arrest Priest for Sacrificing Young Boy

A Hindu priest in India has been arrested for allegedly sacrificing, then
dismembering a little boy.

Cattle Mutilations Return

After a disappearing for 15 years, cattle mutilations have returned to ranches
in Montana.  The usual culprits are being blamed, from UFOs, to cultists, to the
US government, and the M.O. remains the same.

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