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Here it is, the Bruce Report.  These are links to articles and websites dealing with the strange, unusual, and supernatural, that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu players and Keepers.  

Merry Christmas,

Riddle of the Ancient Statues

National Geographic article on the statues of Lore Lindu, in Indonesia.  No one
knows who built the statues, or for what purpose, but they are found nowhere
else in the region.

The Hanging Doll

Can’t speak to the validity of this article, but it is an interesting one.  A
mysterious doll is found, and death seems to follow it around.  There is
definitely a Call of Cthulhu scenario there, it’s practically written into the

Scared to Death Isn’t Just An Expression

“In a paper entitled The Hound of the Baskervilles Effect, in the Christmas
issue of the British Medical Journal, Professor David Phillips argues that
people die of fright every month. And just as Sir Conan attributed a weak heart
to the death of poor Charles, most victims of fear die from heart attacks or
other cardiac troubles.”

Howling Amazonian Monster Just An Indian Legend?

An article about an American scientists’ search for a creature called the
Mapinguari, described as being: “a hairy, six-foot monster, howling and stinking
of death”.  Though it sounds like the Sasquatch, the scientist believes it to be
a Giant Sloth.  The evidence he has gathered seems to point in that direction.
 Of course,  Keepers may have their own ideas to what this Mapinguari may be.

The Ebay Haunted Painting

This is a bit older, from earlier in the year, but still worth posting.  People
have reported strange and disturbing phenomena after viewing the painting.  I
can say myself, and others I personally know have definitely had some strange
experiences afterwards.  The article includes an interview with the buyer.

Santa Claus Facts, Origins, And Fun Tidbits

Just in time for Christmas, a FAQ about Santa Claus and how he is seen from
around the world.  

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