Dark Alliances

As Alt.horror.Cthulhu readers may have
, there is a new Mythos Website out there that basically is the same
thing as shoggoth.net.  Well, whilst a flame war was going on on
alt.horror.cthulhu, Franz, The webmaster of the site, and myself had a civil
discussion.  We decided there’s no point in us covering the same ground. 
So here’s what we came up with.  Cthulhu: Imperial Literature is now a
"sister" site to shoggoth.net and vice versa.  The two will grow to
compliment each other more and more.  Shoggoth.net will be be the place to
come get news, scenarios and stories, whilst C:IL will be the place to go for
previously un-offered art, and will also be the new home of The Shoggoth Network
Forums.  You can reach Franz to tell him what a horrible mistake he’s
making and that he’s really just taking his life into his own hands after
covering them with baby oil at:
[email protected]
.  We look forward to what this will bring us and
are taking another step in what we offer you, the readers and the fans.

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