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Howdy Folks!

Here’s what’s new at Chaosium:

Shipping Now! Slaves of Fate (CHA 2018 $15.95), written by Jason Durall, is now
shipping to distributors world wide. Many game shops could have this book in
stock by February 1st.

Far out to sea, captive on an Vilmirian slave ship, the adventurers’ troubles
are just beginning. If judged worthy they are destined for the slave markets of
corrupt and terrifying Pan Tang, If not, they will be callously slaughtered at
sea, their souls left for the dread undead galleys of the god Pyaray, Tentacled
Whisperer of Impossible Secrets.

While struggling to escape before matters get any worse, the Chaos goddess
Eequor, Blue Lady of Dismay, takes an interest in the adventurers’ plight. Their
fates are forever changed.  A d20 adventure for character for levels 1-3.
Stormbringer conversions will  be online soon!  For more info see:

Chaosium Happenings:

Chaosium dude Dustin Wright will be attending Ghengis Con February 14 – 17th in
Denver Colorado. Swing by and say howdy! For more info see

The Rumors are true! Chaosium is working on a 15th anniversary edition of Arkham
Horror. Our classic Lovecraftian board game of monster hunting is being
resurrected late this year.

Chaosium Author Bruce Ballon has unveiled his new Unseen Masters website. You
can view the site at

We’re taking submissions for all of our game lines. You too could be a Chaosium
, this links lead to our
Cthulhu guidelines. We’ll be updating our general writers guidelines soon.

Did you miss our December State of Chaosium address? You can still read it.

There are Several Chaosium related conventions this year. Check them out.

Tentacles is held in Germany this May:

Convulsions will be held in the UK this July:

Chaosium will of course be attending Origins and Gen Con this Summer. We always
need more volunteers to run some Chaosium games if you have the time.

Here’s our upcoming releases: Go let your local shop know you want these books!

For Call of Cthulhu

The Creature Companion #2375 $21.95 ISBN 1-56882-133-6
Our Manual of Mythos Monsters will be reprinted in Late March 2002.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands (Hardcover)
#2394, $34.95  ISBN 1-56882-157-3
We’ll be releasing a hardcover edition of our Dreamlands Sourcebook in April

The San Francisco Guidebook
#2378 $16.95  ISBN 1-56882-136-0
Delayed due to hard drive crash. No word on when it will be re-created. Spring
2002 Release.

For Call of Cthulhu Fiction:

Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (reprint)
#6022 $16.95  ISBN 1-56882-119-0
Our reprints have been delayed in favor of newer books. Expected April.


The Necronomicon (reprint)
#6012 $16.95 ISBN 1-56882-070-4
Expected May 2001.

The Book of Eibon
#6026  $15.95  ISBN 1-56882-129-8
February release. This book is nearly done and should be sent to the printer

Disciples of Cthulhu II
#6033 $13.95 ISBN 1-56882-143-3
 February Release.
This Book is nearly completed, and should be sent to the printer soon.


For Dragonlords of Melnibone (D20) & Stormbringer

Straits of Chaos
A new Dragon Lords of Melnibone d20 adventure.
2019 $8.95 32 pages ISBN 1-56882-155-7
Chaosium has reassigned this book to a new author, who has just turned in a
completed manuscript. Expected March 2002.

Cults of Law & Chaos
A New Dragon Lords of Melniboné & D20 system sourcebook.
This book is currently being written by Gareth Michael Skarka. Expected to
release May 2002.
2020 $23.95 192 pages ISBN 1-56882-158-1


for Call of Cthulhu d20:

Pulp Cthulhu: Reckless adventures in the 1930’s   (D20)
A new setting for Call of Cthulhu & Call of Cthulhu D20.
8800 $29.95  256 pages ISBN 1-56882-159-X   Expected March 2002

We have plenty of other books in the works, but  we expect to print the books
above in the next four months.

Thank you for your support everyone!

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