Letter From Father

Letter From Father

My Son,

As you read this, I pray I have slipped into oblivion. No longer can I believe in a Heaven.

It is with a heavy heart I must pass onto you a terrible, yet necessary, responsibility. I, as my father before me, and his before him and so forth, have carried on, in secret and shadow, a crusade to protect humanity from destruction of body, mind and soul.

There are awful beings in this universe, though from beyond, who pose a manifest threat to all we know and more. At worst, they will destroy us in terror and agony. At best, they will extinguish us suddenly, and without our notice. We cannot defeat them, only delay.

The books to the left of this letter are: my journal, and an ancient volume of arcane lore. Men may read tales of fancy, and dismiss them as such, but herein lies a greater Truth. When you read them, and I beg you to, all doubt shall be expunged.

The wisdom contained in these writings will alter your paradigm, and cannot be disdained. You will believe. You will be unable to do otherwise.

Once your mind has been opened, retrieve the key I gave you as a boy, retire to the vaults below, and open the one door through which you have not passed. There, you will find a library, along with weapons and instructions for how to employ them. You will also find the means to contact my associates or their proxies.

Please Gregory, carry on this work, and pass it to Phillip when you die.

Your loving father.

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