The Right Hand Path

Those who follow the Right Hand Path see themselves as the saviors of
humanity, albeit only as the “herd,” the slaves of the members of the Right Hand Path. Theirs is a belief that it is possible for humanity to find a way to exist in a universe of Great Old Ones, etc., but only through carefully choosing which Old Ones to serve.

The members have concluded that there is a distinction between Outer Gods and Elder Gods, with neither being friendly or concerned about the human race as such, but with the Elder Gods, the Right Hand Path believes they can be placated, and convinced that humans, especially the members of the Right Hand Path, are worth continued existence.

Are the members of the Right Hand Path on to something? Are they completely wrong? At best, if they are right, the future of the vast majority of the human race is not a bright one.

The Right Hand Path is comprised of males of exceptional academic attainment, from all around the world. Theirs is a thoroughgoing patriarchal organization, believing that women are inherently inferior to men. This has led them into conflict not only with the occasional pesky group of Investigators, but with female-dominated cults as well.

All members wear a gold pinky ring, with a single ruby stone. Inscribed on the inside of the ring, “Nitimur in Vetitum,” Latin for “We Strive for the Forbidden.”

Charles Michael (C.M.) Pritchard, Member of the Right Hand Path.
Age: 147 (Immortal)
STR: 45
CON: 50
SIZ: 45
DEX: 55
APP: 50
INT: 95
POW: 90
EDU: 99
SAN: 0

Skills (all others at base)
Anthropology: 70%
Appraise: 50%
Archaeology: 80%
Credit Rating: 90%
Cthulhu Mythos: 60%
Fast Talk: 50%
History: 90%
English: 99%
French: 90%
German: 90%
Italian: 90%
Latin: 90%
Greek: 90%
Hebrew: 90%
Aramaic: 90%
Hieroglyphics: 90%
Demotic: 90%
Library Use: 90%

Occult: 80%
Persuade: 50%
Spot Hidden: 50%

Apportion Ka
Banishment of Yde Etad
Bless Blade
Chant of Thoth
Clutch of Nyogtha
Elder Sign
Fist of Yog-Sothoth
Flesh Ward

C.M. Pritchard goes by many names these days, as to avoid the possibility of
anyone recalling the distinguished Egyptologist from the early 20 th century, and thus asking difficult questions of him, such as why he looks exactly like his namesake ancestor. He did in fact have a much-lauded career in Egyptology after completing his Bachelors degree at the University of Iowa, then his Doctorate at Harvard University. For three decades he worked at Brown University, but accomplished far more than his
contributions to understanding ancient Egyptian culture and life.

He also became a member of the Right Hand Path, which offered him eternal life, vast power, and delivered on both. The price he paid is to now see almost all humans as little more than cattle. The only reason he sees to maintain the human race is that every now and then, individuals like him, the only ones he considers worthwhile, do arise from the herd. Thus, while most humans are worthless, they do occasionally produce an exceptional individual.

Like all other members of the Right Hand Path, Pritchard spends his time acquiring ever more knowledge, of existence in general, but especially of Mythos- related subjects. His goal is to usher the human race into a new reality of serving the Elder Gods and their representatives on Earth, the Right Hand Path.

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