That Person

I was starting to feel, well, romantic toward her, and I thought she was toward me. We never had any official dates, or anything like that, but she kept turning up more and more frequently.
The night me and the group went out to break up that cult in the abandoned mill, we heard a woman scream and knew we were too late to stop the sacrifice. We charged the place, as fast as we could, hoping we could at least stop the damn toad thing from appearing.
We busted through the door, and there she was, naked and spreadeagled on an old table they’d made into an altar, candles and all. She was sliced wide open–from, from, well you know, all the way to her throat. Everything was spilling out.

I heard the Professor chanting, using magic. I just starting mowing the bastards down with my 12 gauge, Yvonne. Five shells later, I turned her around and started bashing heads with the stock. Seeing her like that hurt, bad. I’m glad we have you on retainer, Dr. M.

I thought I was over it, I thought I was okay, Then, this morning, I went to the café, just to see if I could. I’m sitting in the sun, at my favorite table, and a shadow falls over me. I look up, just as she’s settling into her seat across from me. “Hello,” she says, and smiles.

Anonymous member of an occult investigative organization.

“That Person” will appear to an Investigator in a public place–it may sit next to them on a bus, approach in a café, etc., and introduce itself with a regular-sounding name. “That Person” is attractive, charming, intelligent, and well educated. It shares interests with the Investigator, and be very conversationally engaging. It also will manifest as whatever sex the Investigator prefers.

“That Person” will appear more and more often as time progresses. It will not make any overt romantic overtures, but will seem to hint at such. The remainder of the Investigator’s team will feel there is something a little “off” about “That Person.”

Once the Investigator has begun to feel a sufficient emotional tie to “That Person,” they will find it dead in a grotesque manner–in the context of a Cthulhu Mythos investigation. “That Person” may be a desiccated corpse, horrifically mutated, vivisected on an operating table, or perhaps outdoors, under a hot sun, bloated and split open, and gushing with maggots, etc.

After at least a couple of weeks, the Investigator will again encounter “That Person” in the same sort of ordinary, day-to-day manner as before. The Investigator’s team will also see “That Person” in the same way. “That Person” will have no memory of death, and will not understand any reference thereto.

Spells: None.
THAT PERSON, good friend and horrific corpse
STR: 60
CON: 70
SIZ: 60
DEX: 70
APP: 70
INT: 70
POW: 60
EDU: 80
HP: 13
Damage Bonus: None
Build: 0
Magic Points: 12
Move: 8
Attacks per round: “That Person” does not fight, even to defend itself.
Dodge 35%
Armor: None.
Skills: Whatever the Keeper feels appropriate.
Sanity Loss: Seeing “That Person” dead, in any of the terrible ways described above, costs the Investigator 1/1D6 Sanity (2/1D6+1 if they were especially fond of “That Person.”

Seeing “That Person” dead, in any of the terrible ways described above, costs any other person 1/1D6 Sanity.

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