The Harvest from Beyond: The Harvest made Manifest

C. Davis: “I already said, these fuckers aren’t growing plants!”
R. Miles: “Just breath, Cynthia. Be honest with me. Are you off your meds?”
C. Davis: “Fuck you.”
R. Miles: “Please be calm, Cyn—”
C. Davis: “Are you even listening to me?! I’m telling you. They have some… thing in this lab. Something big. Bigger than a house.”
R. Miles: “I am going to call someone, Cynthia. You need help.”
C. Davis: “Don’t you hang up on me! Don’t you understand? It whispers things, Ron. It told me how to make the seeds. Oh, God! All those missing people…”
R. Miles: “I’m calling the cops, Cynth. You’re not well.”

—Transcript from the last known phone call of Cynthia Davis, Investigative Reporter, Missing since last January.
A house-sized creature made up of individual gnarled strands that compose trunk-like legs, a tangled shapeless body, and several reaching tendrils, and the whole thing covered with random "eyes" (think black dots like aphids on a tree)
The Harvest made Manifest by agung sycho

The preparation of rootstocks and the tending to the field of stalks is merely a means to an end. The Harvest from Beyond begins as a collection of individual growths, but as they enter the final stage of their growth the begin to merge together to form one entity. A massive entity that possesses intelligence and vast cosmic powers through its association with Yog-Sothoth. Using its insane physical bulk and its capacity for reality warping magic, The Harvest from Beyond, once made manifest, roams the Earth to begin sowing the seeds of madness along with the seeds to grow more of itself in order to prepare the way for Yog-Sothoth.

The Harvest from Beyond is a house sized behemoth comprised of thick masses of ropey fibrous material of a grayish hue. This material is also covered with purplish eyes, allowing it to see in every direction. It stands on a tangle of rudimentary legs and tendrils. It can twist and contort its mass into longer tentacles, allowing it to reach, climb, and swim. It has no definite shape beyond being a squirming mass of eyes and tendrils.

Possessed of intelligence and magical capabilities, The Harvest from Beyond can communicate with any entity telepathically, allowing it to spread the spells and rituals necessary to grow more Harvests.

The Final Stage of Growth

(For earlier stages, see Harvest from Beyond: The Seeds and Growth)

If fertilized (the Harvest from Beyond is supplied with one additional victim per 2 Stalks), the mature stalks enter the final phase.

The Harvest [2D4 Weeks]: During this phase, each of the Stalks begin to merge together at the center point of the field. They form one entity that sprouts thick, muscular tentacle limbs and eye stocks. After this process is completed, The Harvest from Beyond emerges as a single entity capable of movement, ready to bring madness and death to the wider world in order to prepare the way for Yog-Sothoth.

THE HARVEST FROM BEYOND, the Harvest made manifest

char. roll average

STR 18D6 x 5 315

CON 16D6 x 5 280

SIZ 28D6 x 5 490

DEX 1D6 x 5 15

INT 3D6 x 5 50

POW 8D6 x 5 140

Average Hit Points: 77

Average Damage Bonus (DB): +9D6

Average Build: 10

Average Magic Points: 28

Move: 7


Attacks per round: 2 (Crush, Trample, Squeeze, Strike)

The Harvest from Beyond can reach dozens of yards away with its tentacle limbs as well as us its thick, stalk-like legs to crush and trample anything that beneath it.

Trample: The Harvest from Beyond moves equal to its Move rating. Everything in its path must make a Hard DEX roll or else suffer damage equal to the Harvest from Beyond’s damage bonus. It can only do this attack once per round.

Squeeze: The Harvest from Beyond attempts to grab a victim. If the victim is grasped, it suffers 2D6 damage every subsequent round until dead. A victim can escape on an Extreme Strength roll.

Crush: This attack can only be used against enemies located beneath the Harvest from Beyond.

Strike: The Harvest from Beyond lashes out with its tentacle.

Fighting (Strike) 60% (30/12), damage DB

Fighting (Crush) 90% (45/18), damage DB

Squeeze (mnvr) 75% (37/15), see above

Trample (special), see above

Dodge: 5% (2/1)

Skills: Climb 60%, Jump 20%, Swim 40%

Armor: 8 against corporeal weapons.

Spells: As children of Yog-Sothoth, Harvest from Beyond have an innate ability to cast spells. Each one knows and can cast 1D8 spells. They always know how to create Rootstocks and the ritual to consecrate further harvests, which they can also teach telepathically. 

Sanity Loss: 1D4/1D20 to see a Harvest from Beyond.

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