Glass of Enhancement

         It was just a glass, or so I thought. That’s how it appeared anyway. Really simple, like from a cafeteria–complete with those white rings of tiny little scratches from the dish machine shaking them around. 

I chose physical and drank down the water. It happened fast; I felt confused and a little dizzy. I have to admit, since that day I’ve felt a little dumb. But strong, really strong

–William Watkins, a member of a group of friends who have stumbled onto greater truths.
A normal, innocent looking drinking glass
Glass of Enchantment by Brad Hicks

Sometimes called the Glass of Transformation and other names, it is unknown if the Glass of Enhancement is a unique item or if more can be made. It appears as an ordinary drinking glass, appropriate to the current or a previous time period. It can be destroyed as easily as any mundane drinking vessel it represents.

To use the Glass of Transformation an Investigator must fill it with ordinary, drinkable water, then spend 1 POW and lose 1D4 SAN. This attunes the Glass to the user, and it can be attuned to any number of users at a time. Once the Glass is attuned to an Investigator, they may use it any number of times.

The user must then decide if the Glass will increase physical Characteristics (STR, CON, DEX, SIZ, and APP), or Mental Characteristics (INT, EDU, or POW). Once set, this decision may not be changed.

When the Investigator drinks the water, the player rolls 1 D20. The result is the number of Characteristic points the user gains and the MP point cost. They also lose 1D4 SAN.

They may then distribute these points to the Characteristic category they have chosen to increase, and must subtract them from the opposite category. These changes are permanent.

Sanity Loss: Assuming a Glass of Transformation can be made, the process will require 1D6 hours, the expenditure of 1 POW, and the loss of 1D4/1D6 Sanity Points. As this loss takes place over an extended period of time it poses no risk of Temporary Insanity.

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