The Garson Invaders

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“Three strange beings emerged from the craft. They were about 13-feet tall, greenish-blue in color, and the face was a color combination he had never seen before…Their bodies seemed to glow, and they had a single eye in the center of what passed for a forehead. The beings had six evenly distributed sets of arms and/or hairy legs. The ‘hands’ were equipped with crab-like claws, which opened and closed spasmodically. They also were equipped with a natural, twin antenna in the head…“One of the beings started to come toward Ennio, who turned and ran. However, the being sent a sort of hypnotic stare after Ennio that ‘froze’ him in his tracks, and then spoke to him in a voice that seemed to address him inside his head…The being sternly requested or ordered Ennio to perform some task, the nature of which he has stoutly refused to divulge, even to officialdom. He was emphatic that he would ‘rather die’ than do what they asked him to do.” – Project Blue Book

On July 2, 1952, Ennio La Sarza, a young immigrant from Italy, had a terrifying encounter that left him a broken, frightened man for the rest of his life. Though La Sarza’s experience is unique within the files of Project Blue Book, the United States Air Force’s investigation of the flying saucer phenomenon, he is only one thousands to have faced the aliens. Named for the small Ontario town where the beings first landed, the three aliens represent the vanguard of an invasion. Each person who has encountered the aliens has been given a grave task, brainwashed into helping prepare the world for the coming takeover, colonization, and enslavement of the human race.

To that end, the Garson Invaders do not necessarily seek out the most powerful individuals to control, but those placed in a position to help reach their end goals. For instance, though La Sarza never divulged what the aliens tasked him with, modern researchers theorized the Garson Invaders may have wanted to use his position as a miner at a nickle mine to gather the materials to build a nickle-cobalt nuclear bomb. Such a weapon could produce enough radiation to poison the entire world.

Special Abilities

Paralyzing Stare: A mere glance from the cyclopean eye of a Garson Invader is enough to paralyze even the strongest-willed person. The effect is automatic, unless the victim can make a successful POW x 5 roll. A victim will remain paralyzed until they make a successful roll, or the Garson Invader chooses to release them.

Telepathy: A Garson Invader may communicate telepathically with anyone it can make eye-contact with. The effect is automatic.
The Task: A Garson Invader may attempt to brainwash anyone it is in telepathic communication with, forcing them to perform a task that will help lead to the world’s eventual downfall. The effect is automatic, unless the victim makes a successful POW x 5 roll to resist. Those brainwashed will do everything in their power to see their goal through, with a murderous determination. Those who resist will still hear the Garson Invader’s demands, but will not be compelled to follow them. The tasks the Garson Invaders give are left to Keeper discretion. These can include assassinations, sabotage, criminal activity, the gathering of resources, the collection of information, the manipulation of government policy, or business practices. Some tasks may only make sense to the alien mind of the Garson Invaders.

The Terror: Anyone failing a Sanity check when encountering a Garson Invader will pass out from fright, and remain incapacitated for 1d6 rounds.

The Garson Invaders, Extraterrestrial Manipulators

char – rolls – avg
STR 4d6+6 20
CON 4d6+6 20
SIZ 4d6+6 20
INT 4d6 14
POW 5d6 17-18
DEX 3d6 10-11

Mov 6 – HP 20
Av. Damage Bonus: +2d6

Weapons: Pincers 45% 1d6 + db
Trample 50% 2d6 + db

Armor: 5 points of chitinous material and tough hairs.

Spells: At Keeper’s discretion.

Sanity Loss: 2d6/2d10 + The Terror.

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