Octobernomicon, Oct 17: The Bunnyman

The Bunnyman, Unique Entity

Northern Virginia is haunted by an almost absurd serial-killer; almost absurd, if not for the terror he has inflicted over several generations. Details on the origin of the Bunnyman are as vague as they are varied. Some say he was a child who murdered the classmates who relentlessly and brutally bullied him; others say he was an escaped mental-patient. A more chilling story was that the Bunnyman was once a loving father and devouted husband who, on Halloween, discovered his children were the result of his wife’s infidelity. He snapped, murdering his family and leaving their bodies for horrified trick-or-treaters. Despite varying stories, on detail remains the same: the Bunnyman wears a ridiculous pink bunny costume, covered in bloody stains and filth.

The Bunnyman exists for only one day of the year, on Halloween. The Bunnyman will spend 24 hours hunting children, and only children; it will not attack or harm any adult. In fact, adults have trouble even seeing the Bunnyman. When it manifests, the Bunnyman prefers little used, rundown tunnels and bridges, never straying more than a few miles away. The Bunnyman will hang his kills, skinned and gutted from the tunnel entrace or bridge. Multiple Bunnymen may manifest at the same time, spread out across the area.

Special Effects and Attacks:
Exclusion: Adults cannot normally percieve the Bunnyman; they must force themselves to see him. By spending one magic point, the adult can see the Bunnyman for one round. A magic point must be spent in order to make any action against him as well. This exclusion is a two-way street; the Bunnyman cannot take any action against an adult, even if attacked.

The Bunnyman, Costumed Murderer

STR 18 – CON 16 – SIZ 18
INT 11 – POW 12 – DEX 13

Mov 7 – HP 17

Damage Bonus: +1d6

Weapons: Rusty Blade 45%, 1d8 + 1 + 1d6

Armor: 1 point of thick skin and tough muscle

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1d4 to see the Bunnyman.

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