Octobernomicon, Oct 18: The Unnamable

“No – it wasn’t that way at all. It
was everywhere – a gelatin – a slime yet it
had shapes, a thousand shapes of horror beyond
all memory. There were eyes – and a blemish.
It was the pit – the maelstrom – the ultimate
abomination. Carter, it was the unnamable!

— HP Lovecraft, the Unnamable

The Unnamable, Lesser Independent RaceThis aberration was something that once lived, though its existence violated every law of natural. Something more than beast, but less than man, how such a thing came into existence is unknown. It was kept by a wretched, childless old man who never married, locked in his attic, occasionally escaping to terrorize desolate country roads. Both Randolph Carter and an ancestor were mauled by the thing, and it was mentioned in the seventh book of Cotton Mather’s Magnalia Christi Americana. When that old man died, it remained trapped in the attic until it too relieved the world with its death.

It continued living, in a manner of speaking, existing in a state not life, but not death either. It still haunts that old home, sitting near a graveyard, opportunistically attacking those foolish enough to wander among the tombs after nightfall. It is a swirling, screaming, storm of cold wind, hooves, claws, horns and eyes, of a revolting half-solidity. Its very presence is disorienting, and the mere sight of it can cause a man to faint, and shatter the minds of the sensitive.

Randolph Carter and a companion were lucky to survive their encounter with the abomination. Carter seemed to believe it was a singular entity. It is too horrible to contemplate the possibility others may be lurking in the lonely corners of the earth.

Special Effects and Attacks:
Unnerving Presence: Each time an investigator encounters the Unnamable, they must make a POW x 5 roll to avoid fainting on sight. Every round the investigator is in the presence of the Unnamable, they must make a POW x 5 roll, or become disoriented; the investigator loses 45 percentiles from all rolls, cannot tell direction, or maintain their balance.

Grapple: The Unnamable makes 1d10 attacks each round. If it connects with two claw attacks on the same investigator, the investigator is grappled, and carried off.

The Unnamable, the Thing with the Blemished Eye

Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – 4d6+12 – 26
CON – 3d6 – 10-11
SIZ – 4d6+10 – 24
INT – 2d6+6 – 13
POW – 3d6 – 10-11
DEX – 2d6+12 – 19

Mov 10 – HP 18

Av. Damage Bonus: +2d6

Horns 35%, damage 1d6 + db
Claws 35%, damage 1d6 + db
Kick 40%, damage 1d10 + db

Armor: The Unnamable possesses no armor, but its unliving status makes it immune to mundane weapons. Magical weapons, fire, electricity do damage as normal. The monster may spend 1 magic point to heal 1 HP, spending as many magic points per round as it desires to reconstitute its gelatinous mass.

Spells: For every point of INT over 12, the Unnamable knows 1 spell.

Sanity Loss: 1d10/1d100 to see the Unnamable.

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